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3rd Grade

Welcome to 3rd Grade! On this group you will find all the information you need to stay informed this year. This includes homework posts, newsletters, photos, conference sign-ups and any other information  or special activities. We are excited to partner with you and watch the students learn and grow this year!

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  • Shamsen Class Mission Statement
  • Warenkiewicz Class Mission Statement
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Teacher Office Hours:

Ms. Newell - Monday and Wedneday 3:30-4:00
Mrs. Shamsen - Monday 3:30-4:00, Wednesday 8:00-8:25
Ms. Warenkiewicz - Monday 3:30-4:00, Wednesday 8:00-8:25
Ms. Welge - Monday 3:30-4:00, Wednesday 8:00-8:25

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3rd Grade Newsletter 9/10/20

Dear Third Grade Parents,

What a great first week of REACH 2.0! We want to thank you for all your support and trust in the process. Though we are still working out a few kinks, we are amazed with how well the students did. They were patient and positive! We welcome your feedback and observations as it will help us improve as we go along. Thank you in advance!


Ali, Jeena, Jodie & Natasha

3rd Grade Team

3rd Grade Student Led Conference Signup

Please sign up for a time for next Tuesday, June 9th. 

Students will have the opportunity to lead the final conference of the year with their parents. Homeroom teachers will be present as observers and to offer support to the student as needed. Students will reflect on the progress they have made in all subjects and show different pieces of work that they are proud in their Leadership Notebooks. 

3rd Grade Newsletter - Now on Teams

Kindly note that we newsletters will now be posted in the 3rd Grade Parents channel on Teams. You can find it in the Files in a folder titled “Newsletters.” We will no longer be posting the newsletter on the CHA wesbite. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. 


Jeena, Jodie, and Natasha

3rd Grade Team

3rd Grade Weekly Preview (April 20-24) UPDATED

Here is the revised weekly preview for this week. We took out the Specialists column as there were some discrepeancies in timings. Please refer directly to the Specialists weekly overview and calendar invites sent to students’ Teams accounts. Thank you. 

Please note that more live classes have been scheduled. Calendar invites were sent to students for all. Office hours for 3rd grade teachers have been extended from 9-12 on days the teacher does not host live classes.

3rd Grade Newsletter

Hello 3rd Grade Parents,   

Thanks for another great week of REACH.  Here is some important information from us to you.  


3rd Grade Newsletter 3-27-20

Hello 3rd Grade Parents,  

Thanks for another great week of REACH.  Here is some important information from us to you.

Survey Results – Thank you to those of you who completed the survey last week. It was insightful and has helped us make more informed decisions. We will probably send out another in a week or two to track any changes. If you interested in knowing more about the results, feel free to email us.

3rd Grade - Weekly Preview for March 23-27

Hello parents, 

We will start sending out a weekly preview to help you and the students better organize their weeks. This will be posted on this page and the 3rd Grade Parent Teams page under files in the folder with lesson plans for the week. We hope this helps! 

3rd Grade - Setting up Outlook

Hello Parents, 

As part of our Leader in Me lesson plan for tomorrow, we want to help students be proactive by having them log into their Outlook. As the direct chat function has been disabled in Teams, we request that students email us directly with any questions they may have that they do not want to post in Teams. Please remind them that they should not be emailing each other. They should only be emailing teachers and you (if you are ok with it). 

Here are the instructions we’ve included in our lesson plan: 

3rd Grade - Virtual School Guide & Update

Hello parents,

We truly enjoyed conferencing with you these past few days. With the incorporation of Teams, it was a new experience for us but one we enjoyed. We are happy to hear that many of you have recognized the growth and progress of each student. Though this next trimester may pose some challenges, we are committed to providing high quality learning. Here are some requests and suggestions we have in relation to Virtual School.

Acceptable Use

3rd Grade - Please have students try Teams

Hello Parents, 

As another step in preparation for the possibility of virtual school, we would like students to try logging on to teams under their own accounts in the next day or so. 

3rd Grade - Do you need a laptop?

Hello 3rd grade parents, 

Starting today, we will be sending students home with all materials needed in case the school closes and we begin virtual school. Students will be expected to go online daily to check for homework. They should be able to access various websites which are all linked to the CHA Computer Lab Website. In addition, they should have access to Microsoft Teams. 

3rd Grade Language Arts Homework Update

Good morning 3rd grade parents, 

I apologize if there was any confusion last night regarding homework. I decided to postpone the work leading up to the next book report and adjusted my lesson plans accordingly. For this reason, there was no homework yesterday related to the book report nor was the nouns worksheet assigned. Students learned the lowercase cursive “l” and did pages in class. Those who did not finish will have time to complete it today. Please let me know if you have any quesitons or concerns about this. Thank you!

3rd Grade Newsletter 2/14/20

Dear 3rd Grade Parents, 

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all! Thank you to all the parent volunteers who helped make today’s party a major hit by volunteering and bringing food, drinks, crafts, etc. We and the students truly appreciate you. We hope you all enjoy your mid-winter break. We look forward to seeing the kids well rested and refreshed upon their return.

3rd Grade Newsletter 1-24-20

Dear 3rd Grade Parents, 

We hope you all enjoyed the 3-day weekend and were able to find a way to remember/honor Dr. Martin Luther King. We have been doing different activities in class in order to do the same. This week we also had the opportunity to watch The Granny Awards, our spring musical. We reviewed the audition forms with them which should be returned by next Friday.


Dear 3rd Grade Parents,  

Happy New Year! It was wonderful to hear all about the travels and experiences the students enjoyed during break.  

Ski Preparation –  

3rd Grade Newsletter 12-19-19

Dear 3rd Grade Parents, 

And just like that we’ve reached the end of 2019. This week we enjoyed preparing for Festival of Peace and Light as well as the Multicultural Fair. We were happy to have many of you join us today and look forward to seeing you at the event tomorrow. From our families to yours, we want to wish you all a very happy holiday season and hope that the new year will bring you lots of joy and adventure. Happy new year!

Bell Square Performance Tomorrow 12/4

Hello parents, 

Just a reminder (as we did not mention it in the previous newsletter) that the peroformance tomorrow at Bellevue Square Mall will start at 11:00 and end at 11:30. They will perform in the center of the mall on the main floor. We recommend you get there around 10:30 or 10:45 to get a good seat. Students are to be in dress uniform and are welcome wear holiday hats. We will come back to school for lunch and to complete the rest of the school day. We look forward to seeing you tomorrow! 


Jeena, Jodie & Natasha

3rd Grade Team

Friday Book Reports Moved to Monday (Times & Location updated)

Kindly note that students who were originally scheduled to present their book reports this coming Friday (12/6) will now be presenting on Monday 12/9 as I will not be here on Friday. The times will stay the same: Marine 10:15, Highland 11:15, Tropical 1:15. These presentations will take place in Room 300. 

3rd Grade Newsletter

Walk-a-thon 2019 is in the books. Students walked many laps and had a great time. Thank you so much for your support! We were excited to see many of you last night at Curriculum Night.

First Day of School

Dear 3rd grade parents,

What a wonderful first day! We had discussions around how to Be Proactive, expectations and the new cafe setup, as well as many others. We are sending you this email today in order to make sure you receive a notification that we have created a Chestnut Hill Academy website post for 3rd grade. If you do not receive the notification, please let us know or email [email protected]