Ski Program 2019-20

New Parent Ski Orientation - For those of you who were unable to attend the meeting, you can view the PowerPoint Presentation here. 

Ski BussesCHAPTER membership enables your student to ride the charter each week free of charge. Without CHAPTER membership, you will be billed $160 through ACH on January 1st. The cost to join CHAPTER is just $80, and the deadline to do so is December 20th.  You can join here.

Registering for Group Lessons

Group login information for the 2020 Summit Ski program. - 


Login: CHA / Password: SNOWMAN (case sensitive)

Once you have successfully logged in, you will be able to select the Grade level. You will then need to answer a few simple questions to help the instructors group your child. Please read through all the information carefully, and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

All students who want to participate in the 2020 Ski program will also need to purchase a 2020 Season pass. You will have the option of choosing Limited ( weekdays) or Unlimited (weekdays and weekends). The ski lift is included in the season pass price. All parents should purchase the season pass two weeks before the start of the program. The pass will be mailed to your house. If you haven’t received it within a week of paying for it, you should call the summit and plan on picking it up if they won’t mail you another one. Students will not be able to board the ski bus unless they can show they have their pass.

Ski Dates:

  • Ski Gear Check   - January 6th and 7th from 7:30 am-8:30 am.  
  • 3rd- 5th Ski Days - Wednesdays, 1/8/20, 1/15/20, 1/22/20, 1/29/20, 2/5/20, 2/12/20 (Make-Up)
  • K-2nd Ski Days     - Thursdays, 1/9/20, 1/16/20, 1/23/20, 1/30/20, 2/6/20, 2/13/20 (Make-Up) 

Ski Equipment  - Although the ski program is still several months away, it is vitally important that all parents start to think about ski rentals now. If left till the last minute, getting hold of the correct skiing gear can be very challenging and often end in disappointment, which is not something that I want anyone to experience. It is your choice whether you rent or buy ski equipment. However, all students must be present upon rental or purchase of any equipment. The reason for this is so the vendor can fit the correct bindings for each student ensuring comfort and safety.  As a staff, we do not touch or tamper with students’ bindings before, during, or after the program. Good rental places providing quality equipment:

  • Sturtevant’s- Bellevue- 13131 NE 20th St, Bellevue, WA 98005
  • Gerks Ski and Cycle  - Issaquah -1485 11th Ave NW, Issaquah, WA 98027
  • Play IAgain Sports - Woodinville- 13210 NE 175th St, Woodinville, WA 98072  

Ski Equipment Check (Jan. 6th & 7th) - Coach Sturgess will do a check of all gear needed for the upcoming ski season. Below is a list of the main things he will be looking for:  

  • We’re looking to see that they have all the necessary gear and that it is safe and appropriately sized.
  • We look for proper labeling (last name on poles, skis (or board), boots, goggles, and helmet). We also recommend writing names on the inside of gloves/mittens, coat, and gear bag. 
  • We will check that the streamers are attached to the helmet.
  • We make sure their pass is attached to their coat and in a place that will not create problems (such as high on their jacket where it will flap against their face).
  • Each morning as students arrive to drop off gear on the days they ski, we do a quick check then, too. The purpose is to ensure that they will not get on the bus and arrive at the mountain without an essential piece of equipment or clothing. We look for boots, helmet, goggles, skis/board, poles (if they use them), gloves/mittens, coat, and pass on the jacket. We also want to see extra clothes, especially if conditions are wet or cold

Ski Season 2020: Parent Volunteers -  We would love to recruit some parent volunteers for this upcoming 2020 season. We ask that parent volunteers be at the lower parking lot by the gym to start loading skis onto the bus at 8:15 am. Part of your volunteer role will include loading/unloading skis and carrying lunch coolers to and from the lodge. All parent volunteers must provide their transportation to and from the mountain, as well as bring a lunch for yourself. The address for Summit Central is 1641 WA-906, Snoqualmie Pass, WA 98068 (Exit 53). You may drive your student home directly from the mountain if that works best for you, but you must sign your child out if they rode the bus up. Students arrive back at CHA on the charter bus around 4:00 pm.

Ski Season Reminders

  • There will be 3 big busses in the lower parking lot at drop off on Wednesdays and Thursdays, so please allow extra time to drop off in the morning.  
  • If skiing is canceled, we will be alerting you via Jupiter. Did you sign up for Jupiter text messaging yet? Info on how to do that is here. 
  • DO NOT CARRY SKIS AND POLES THROUGH THE BUILDING – it’s is a safety hazard and we will reroute you.  
  • Students cannot ride the shuttle on their ski day, neither the morning or afternoon shuttle
  • If skiing is canceled, students may come in free dress if they’ve yet to arrive, if they’ve arrived then they’ll wear their long johns for the day.  
  • Students need to bring a sack lunch every ski day with the exception of 5th graders who have the option to buy lunch at the cafe. 
  • In the morning, skis are dropped off outside the lower gym doors. In the afternoon, skis are picked up inside the gym doors.
  • In the morning, ski bags are dropped off under the designated grade level sign in the gym. 
  • In the afternoon, students who aren’t picked up when the busses return will take their ski bags with them to Extended Day and leave them outside the classroom.

The CHA Ski program is a highlight on the calendar for everyone involved, and I’m very much looking forward to making this year’s program a great success. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Coach Sturgess