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2nd Grade

Welcome to 2nd Grade! On this group you will find all the information you need to stay informed this year. This includes homework posts, newsletters, weekly reviews, and any other information regarding field trips or special activities. We are excited to partner with you and watch the students learn and grow this year!

Teacher Office Hours

  • Mrs. Duffina - Monday, Wednesday, Thursday: 8:00 -8:20 and Tuesday or Thursday 3:45 – 4:00
  • Mrs. Fox- Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8:00 - 8:20, Wednesday and Friday 3:45-4:00pm
  • Mrs. Morman - Mon-Wed 8-8:20am and Thurs/Fri  3:45-4:00pm. 

Duffina’s Class Mission Statement: Our class will learn, help each other lead by working together, and not give up.

Fox Class Mission Statement: Our class works together to try when things are hard; learn, be happy and have fun; take pride in our work; and be leaders! 

Morman Class Mission Statement: “Our class comes to CHA to learn hard, have fun with our friends and make new friends, be nice and respectful. It can spread across the world!”


Group Tabs

Math - 2nd grade homework

Hello Parents, 

This week, the second grade math group is learning how to add and subtract 3-digit numbers with renaming (also called regrouping). We have been working on this concept for about a week during class, but so far we have been exclusively using manipulatives (such as base 10 blocks and place value discs) to help us solve the problems. On Friday and today, students began practicing drawing pictures of place value discs to help them solve the renaming problems. 


Hello parents, 

This week we start official math homework. All 2nd grade students should be bringing home a math workbook every night. The homework pages they need to do are written in their planner and can also be found on Mrs. Morman’s homework page. Students will then bring their math workbook back to school each morning. 

Welcome to 2nd grade!

Hello parents and students! 

It was wonderful to see so many of you today at the Ice Cream Social and Vendor Fair. 

We are so excited to welcome you to 2nd grade and to get to know you better. 

Just a reminder that tomorrow is our P.E. day. So all 2nd graders should wear P.E. uniform for the first day of school. 

Don’t hesitate to ask us if you have any questions. It’s going to be a great year! 


The second grade team - Lisa, Leah, and Debbie