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March 26, 2021

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  • 2021-2022 School Year
  • Acceptance Results
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  • New Channel on Parents Team
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Important upcoming dates:   

  • Today  – Deadline to sign up for Spring Break childcare 
  • Today  – Deadline for April Lunch Orders 
  • March 29 - April 1 – Drama Residency  
  • April 2 – Courageous Conversation 
  • April 2 – Material Pickup for REACH Students 
  • April 5 - 9 – Spring Break – No School, Childcare provided 
  • April 16 – STEM Day 
  • April 16 – Material Pickup for REACH Students
  • April 21 - Parentwiser Event - Your Turn: How to Be an Adult. 
  • April 23 – CHAPTER Spring Flower Basket Pick Up 
  • April 23 – Material Pickup for REACH Students 
  • April 30 – Material Pickup for REACH Students 

Dear Parents,    

This has been a most difficult year for all of us as we have been grappling with a global pandemic. For Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders, and all those of Asian descent, the challenges have been exacerbated by an epidemic of xenophobia, violence, and intolerance. The murder of eight people in Atlanta, most of them of Asian heritage, is a gruesome reflection of the hate that continues to divide our nation and the very real horrors that Asian members of our community have been facing across our country. 

The differences between us, our traditions, our cultures, our languages, are what make us strong. They are what makes America unique, and they give us a rich diversity to celebrate. And yet, fear and hatred continue to persist and continue to haunt us all. It is our collective responsibility to bring an end to that. 

It is not enough for us to be shocked. And it is not enough for us to be saddened. We need to stand up. We need to be allies. We need to create safe places and open our minds. We need to be listeners, and we need to be curious. 

Tragedies have become all too frequent. This terror continues to rear its ugly head in the very places where people should never think twice about facing violence. It is unfathomable that this has become the world we live in. This cannot be our new normal. 

Tragedies like these can make us feel helpless. I want to remind you that at Chestnut Hill Academy we can make a difference through the lives we impact and the community we create every day. Whether it is in a classroom or from your desk, you are helping young people on the path to who they will become and how they view the world around them. Your commitment, partnership, and dedication to our mission can and will make real and lasting changes in our world.  

NAIS (National Association of Independent Schools) has shared the following resources for families to support conversations at home.  

Combating Anti-Asian Bias 

Helping Children Cope with Tragedy 

Responding to Tragedies of Violence 

Media Consumption 

For Younger Students: 

2021-2022 School Year - As we look forward to September, CHA intends to return to normal operations with students 100% in-person five days a week. Mask wearing and other safety precautions will continue if they are still considered best practice at the time we return in the fall. The only caveat to returning full-time in person will be any state or federal mandates that prevent us from doing so. Should any state or federal guidelines force CHA to run the school in a hybrid learning model, we will offer full-day online or full-day in-person.  The two will not be combined for concurrent learning.  Fully remote learning for the entire school would only be implemented if dictated by state or federal public health requirements. At such a time, CHA would return to its successful fully remote operations plan through REACH. 

No matter which learning model we operate with, we are in a constant cycle of assessment and improvement to ensure we deliver on the extraordinary experience you have come to enjoy and expect for your family. Holding the doors wide open and welcoming parents and students into the building in-person come September 7 for the Ice Cream Social is our goal.

Acceptance Results – One of the 7 Habits that we embrace as part of our leadership philosophy and practice is to “Begin with the End in Mind”.  We begin with the end in mind when students join us, and as we identify and celebrate the signs of leadership and greatness within them.  We begin with the end in mind when we help them cultivate their own sense of leadership, tap into the fullest version of themselves by further developing their skillsets and strengths, and test their limits.  Our students demonstrate their own end in mind, their own goals, their own vision for where their educational journey will take them, and in 4th and 5th grade, for many of our students this involves navigating the middle school admission process.   

The middle school admissions process involves a strong application, scores on their ITBS, ISEE, and SSATs, teacher recommendations, and student and parent interviews. Depending on the grade level and the school, some of these programs may only offer 16-36 available spaces, highlighting the difficulty of the admissions process that these elite preparatory schools are faced with and the competitive nature of this process. 

Please join us in congratulating all of the 4th and 5th grade students who took another step closer toward their end in mind by thoughtfully engaging in the middle school admissions process this year.  We are pleased to share the following results with you and know that they will likely continue to change as students are pulled from the waitlist to being offered spaces.  Best wishes to our 4th and 5th grade students who applied out to these schools as you go out into the world and continue to expand upon your education and experiences.  We are so proud of all of our 4th and 5th grade students and the amazing, unique ways in which each of them represents CHA.   

Lost and Found - Now that we have so many students back, we are starting to see an accumulation of stuff on the Lost and Found Cart. If uniform items don’t have a name on them, they get rehung in the Uniform Swap after quarantining. Unnamed, emptied water bottles are kept until the water bottle crate is full, and then they get thrown away. Unnamed clothing items are kept on the cart till it’s full, then they are moved to the garage on their way to Goodwill. We would love your children to bring their own items home. As parents can’t currently come into the building to rummage in the Lost and Found, the only way to ensure this happens is if things are labeled. A sharpie works well on water bottles, labels are best on clothes. Mabels Labels sells lovely iron-on labels that also benefit the PTA. Labels are available here, search for “CHAPTER Chestnut Hill Academy (Bellevue)” to find us. 

CHAPTER Month of Giving - Last few days to make an impact!  The Month of Giving campaign ends next Wednesday, March 31st at noon.  The donations and sponsorships purchased help fund important initiatives that directly impact the students at CHA.  You can find the donation link here.  For more information about the Month of Giving, please click here

New Parents Team Channel – A new channel has been added to the CHA Parents page on Teams. It’s the “Leader In Me Family Activity Challenge” channel. Each month our students and staff turn their focus towards a specific LIM habit. For example, this month’s focus is on Habit 6: Synergize. On this channel, we will share ideas, projects, challenges, etc. In an effort to engage families in LIM-inspired learning. Families are welcomed (and highly encouraged!) to also share experiences in a variety of ways, such as with narratives, pictures, and videos. Watch for some great information to arrive on this channel very soon, and enjoy bringing the family together to try out some of the suggestions, or feel free to come up with your own idea relative to the habit of the month! 

Faculty Feature - New to the teaching team this year, and leading the charge on mathematics for all of our lucky second graders, is Spenser Moore.  Read below to learn more … it sounds like Mrs. Moore might be a good source for cookie recipes in addition to math challenge packets!  

Q: What is your favorite thing about CHA?  A: The amazing community of teachers, parents, students, and faculty.  
Q: What inspires you?  A: Seeing my students feel confident in their learning and wanting to teach others! I love giving my students the opportunity to teach to their peers, and to teach to me!  
Q: What is one of your hidden talents?  A: I’m a pretty decent baker. I know an amazing chocolate chip cookie recipe. 

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