Campus Updates

March 12, 2021

In this update:  

  • Important Upcoming Dates 
  • New Hires
  • Return to In-Person
  • April Lunch Orders
  • Friday Folder Pick-Up
  • Daylight Savings Time
  • CHAPTER Month of Giving
  • Specialists’ Newsletter 
  • Weekly Snack List 
  • Reminders 

Important upcoming dates:   

  • March 5 – 31 Month of Giving; Concludes at noon on March 31 
  • March 5 – 31 CHAPTER Spring Flower Basket Sale 
  • March 17 – Wear Green for Saint Patrick’s Day 
  • March 19 – Material Pickup for REACH Students 
  • March 26 – Deadline to sign up for Spring Break childcare 
  • March 26 – Deadline for April Lunch Orders 
  • March 26 -  Material Pickup for REACH Students 
  • March 29 - April 1 – Drama Residency  
  • April 2 – Courageous Conversation 
  • April 2 – Material Pickup for REACH Students 
  • April 5 - 9 – Spring Break – No School, Childcare provided 
  • April 16 – Science Day 
  • April 23 – CHAPTER Spring Flower Basket Pick Up 

Dear Parents,    

Happiness is being able to offer K-5 students the opportunity to be in-person at school.  March 16th will mark a year since we initially introduced REACH and moved all students online.  Since September it has been our goal to provide every grade with the opportunity to be onsite.  The challenges we’ve faced and our ability to overcome them to get to where we are one year later is a result of our community’s commitment to work together. Your support through this journey is truly valued. We appreciate your participation in the recent CHAPTER Auction, we acknowledge your flexibility and cherish your words of encouragement. We do not take for granted our parents’ support and partnership; it is the bedrock of our community.  We appreciate you and hope you’ll join us in celebrating what we’ve accomplished together throughout this year.   

New Hires – Please join us in welcoming three new staff members to our community who have now completed their training to be INstructional Assistants and are off to an awesome start by all accounts. In 4th grade we welcome Cole Strachan and Jeralyn Miller. Over in 5th grade we are glad to have Cat Knorr and Kris Reiner. You can find out more about all of them, as well as the rest of our staff, on our website here.

Return to In-Person - We are hearing more rumors of parents wanting to send their students back to school. It is REALLY important that parents email the admin team so that we can let you know when your child will be able to start. Moving forward, we will have returning students start on Mondays so that teachers only have to go through the new routines and procedures once a week. You will find the information you need here Please email [email protected] if you have any questions.

April Lunch Orders - The order form is open for April hot lunches for in-person students. You can find the menu and order form here. The deadline for orders is 4 pm, March 26th.   

Friday Folder Pick-Up - With K-5 returned to campus, and 198 of our 293 students now on-site, we will be moving Friday Folder pick-up from the garage to the front lobby.  Beginning Friday, March 19th, pick-up will be available in the front lobby from 9 AM to 4:45 PM.  It is best to come between 9 AM to 2 PM to avoid the rush and long lines of drop-off and pick-up that occur between 7:45-8:35 AM and 2:45-4:00 PM for K-5. Thank you for your flexibility and patience as we work through multiple systems to support all families.  

Alumni Feature - Cheers to Anhat, currently a 7th grader at EPS, for all of her varied interests and accomplishments! Here is what she has to say about what she is currently up to, and her time at CHA. “I am passionate about theatre, and I have been a part of the Middle School play for the three years I have been at EPS. My love for the stage and art was kindled during my time at CHA. I joined CHA as a shy 2nd grader who struggled to participate in class discussions. The opportunities to present, and public speaking at CHA, aided me such that I played the role of Meg in the production of ‘A Wrinkle in Time’ in 6th grade and Thorin in ‘The Hobbit’ in 7th grade. I thank CHA for helping me develop a love for reading. When I joined CHA, I was not proficient at reading. With the encouragement of my teachers, I pushed myself to set aggressive AR points goals and today I love reading and creative writing. I am an active member of my community and believe that I should strive to give back whenever and however I can. CHA instilled in me the values of a compassionate leader. These values continue to serve me well. When I am not solving math problems, I Love to hang out with my family and friends, rock my drum set, work on sharpening knife hand blocks in karate, and conquer black diamond runs during ski season. ”</p

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