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January 22, 2021

In this update:  

  • Important Upcoming Dates 
  • Re-Enrollment
  • SPARC Institute
  • Leadership Day
  • Lunar New Year Volunteers
  • Snow
  • Specialists’ Newsletter 
  • Reminders 

Important upcoming dates:   

  • January 22 - SPARC Applications Due
  • January 29 – Re-Enrollment Due  
  • January 29 - Material Pickup for REACH Students 
  • January 29 – February Lunch Orders Due 
  • February 5 – Material Pickup for REACH Students 
  • February 11 – Material Pickup for REACH Students 
  • February 12 – Lunar New Year Celebrations, Wear Red 
  • February 15 – President’s Day – No School, No Childcare 
  • February 16-19 – Mid-Winter Break – No School, Childcare Provided 
  • February 26 – Material Pickup for REACH Students 
  • March 1 - Month of Giving starts and the online auction opens at Noon 
  • March 5 - Online auction closes at 8 pm  
  • March 5 – 31 Month of Giving; Concludes at noon on March 31 

Dear Parents,    

It’s mid-January, almost a year into the Coronavirus pandemic and we’re still waiting for the horrible tale that seems to have followed us into 2021 to end.  After waiting months for a vaccine to be developed, many find themselves waiting to have access to the vaccine so that they may return to the normalcy of their daily life.  Life is full of waiting and we’ve become worse, not better at it.  We’ve come to find ourselves impatient to wait for anything. Waiting in line is something we all struggle with at times.  Our impatience to get somewhere even when we’re all going to the same place or waiting our turn is more difficult on some days than on others.  So why is it so hard to wait?   

We live in a “now” society. Everything is about speed and busy-ness. People want things yesterday. With technology, we can literally wish for something, order it, and have it in our hands the next day without ever leaving our living room or interacting with another human being. You can even find out if you’re having a boy or a girl before you give birth. It can be easy to forget that we need to teach kids the art of waiting. Nowadays, you hardly even hear “are we there yet?” with kids plugged into electronic devices in the vehicle, taking the ‘pain’ out of long road trips. 

Waiting is an important social skill, and just like any other skill, it needs to be practiced in order for there to be an improvement in it.  There are times in life where waiting is inevitable, whether it be in small situations such as a traffic jam, or in life-changing situations like we find ourselves facing today.  There are so many things our kids will encounter in their lives, especially as adults, when waiting is hard: waiting to find out their middle school or college acceptance, waiting for the email offering them a job, saving for months or years for a down payment on their first home, or waiting for a call from a loved one.  If our kids don’t learn any skills to help them cope with waiting, they will not be well-equipped for it when it comes. 

It’s also important to try and find opportunities for children to practice waiting.  Such as: have them save up for something they want, practice not interrupting, take turns when playing a game, provide opportunities for independent play, give them the chance to wait instead of having instant gratification, and model patience.  These life skills when practiced repeatedly support our students’ ability to demonstrate patience, which will help them achieve their goals. 

Re-Enrollment - On behalf of the entire Chestnut Hill Academy community, I am grateful for all of the ways your family has been partnered these past months. We have been built our community through Teams meetings, material pick-ups, and CHAPTER and school events.  You have cared for our faculty and staff by telling us again and again how much the CHA experience means to your entire family. To continue your journey with CHA, find the re-enrollment forms here.  Our re-enrollment deadline is Friday, January 29th.  

SPARC Institute – In the fall of 2021, Chestnut Hill Academy will open the SPARC Institute for students enrolling in the 1st Grade. This single class program will be geared toward qualified gifted scholars who meet the criteria. The self-contained class will host 15 students and offer a highly differentiated and accelerated learning experience. To learn more about the SPARC Institute click here.  The application deadline is today, Friday, January 22nd, and we are offering an assessment extension until February 26th for completion of the required independent evaluation. 

Leadership Day - We are going to be ordering t-shirts for Leadership Day, and each student will be receiving one. Please fill out your child’s name and preferred shirt size here by January 25th. The form includes a link to the sizing chart you will need to ensure a good fit. Should we not receive a response, we will do our best to guess your child’s size. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Kaylee Strachan or Vanessa Suarez. Thank you! 

Lunar New Year Volunteers - We are excited to celebrate the Lunar New Year with everyone on Friday, Feb. 12. Just a quick reminder about the opportunities to help with the celebration (please see Teams for more information): (1) 4th/5th-Grade PowerPoint Presentation: please sign up HERE by Monday, February 1st.  (2) New Year Family Blessing Videos: we are collecting short videos to be played during the student activity sessions. Please upload video to: Teams Channel/Lunar New Year by Sunday, February 7th. (3) Parent volunteers for grade-level activities: please sign up HERE

Snow - is in the forecast for Monday. It doesn’t look to be anything serious, but it would be remiss of us not to remind you to take a minute to review our Emergency Closures web page to make sure you understand the plan and are set up to receive notifications. 
CHA Specialists’ Newsletter – You can view this week’s newsletter here. If you have any questions about the content, please contact your child’s teacher directly. You can find all our teachers here, and you can find information about the individual programs here.  


  • Mid-Winter Break Childcare - There will be no school the week of February 15th for Mid-Winter Break. Although CHA will be completely closed on Monday, February 15th (President’s Day), there will be camp available on Tuesday - Friday. Sign-ups are available here. This sign-up site closes Friday, February 5th at 3:30pm. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email Kaylee Strachan
  • February Lunch Orders - The February lunch order form is now open for parents of in-person students. You can find the form here. The deadline for placing your order is 4 pm, January 29th. Please send any questions to [email protected]
  • Yearbook Photo Submissions - Please submit the photos with a brief description here and use the access code: chestnut.   
  • Previous issues of Campus Updates can be viewed here

Thank you, 

Holly Senaga, Head of School 

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