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September 25, 2020

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  • Important Upcoming Dates 
  • REACH Updates 
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  • Jupiter Alerts 
  • October Lunch Menu 
  • Parent Handbook 
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Important upcoming dates:   

  • September 18-28 – Rock the Walk 
  • October 9 – Virtual Book Club 
  • October 16 – Fall Festival Celebrations 
  • October 16-29 – Online Book Fair 
  • October 21 – Virtual Middle School Presentation 
  • October 23 – Professional Development Day for Staff  / No School or Childcare for Students 
  • October 24 – Virtual Open House 

Dear Parents,   

I want to thank everyone in our community from our teachers, admin, support staff, and family members to our incredible students.  All the hard work everyone has put into REACH has resulted in a successful launch and our in-person Kindergarteners are thriving.  While REACH is not perfect for all families, overall, the feedback has been very positive, and we appreciate your support.   

In anticipation of returning to in-person learning, we have continued to engage in discussions with state and county agencies while monitoring the COVID-19 data coming from Public Health.   Seattle & King County Public Health data dashboards and additional information from Washington State Public Health show conditions have improved significantly. For example, the most recent Public Health dashboard (key indicators) continues to show a drop in cases of COVID-19 per 100,000 residents over 14 days. For the past two weeks, the cases have fallen well below 75 cases per 100,000 moving our county from the high activity level category into the moderate activity level category as defined by the Washington State Department of Health.  In addition, the transmission rate has also declined below the desired 1.0 rate to 0.6. 

The Washington State Department of Health (WSDOH) Decision Tree provides guidance to schools about when and how to provide some forms of in-person learning. According to the WSDOH Decision Tree, schools in the moderate category range should consider expanding in-person learning to elementary students.  This guidance aligns well with our Bright Horizons Executive Board’s stated desire for CHA to bring back those students furthest away from educational justice such as students with special needs and our youngest learners. We will continue to monitor this Public Health data throughout the pandemic to help inform our decision making. 

Given that the data related to the spread and impact of COVID-19 is showing improvement, we are once again focusing our planning efforts on returning groups of students back to our schools for in-person instruction.  This is quite a complex process.  First, we must confirm the number of students that will return to in-person learning.  Second, we must follow all COVID-19 mitigation behaviors such as wearing face coverings, physical distancing, temperature checks, health attestations, contact tracing, increased handwashing, and appropriate building cleaning as we have done with our staff and Kindergarten students. 

Starting the week of October 5, our plan is to bring back our first-grade students who prefer in-person.  First grade families who prefer to remain online will have the option to continue in REACH.  These students have been prioritized because of their young age and their need to acquire foundational skills and learn how to be successful independent learners.  

Following the return of our K-1 students, we intend to bring second grade students back for in-person instruction. Then our third, fourth and fifth grade students would return. The phasing-in of each grade pod will occur in intervals. This will allow us to measure and observe the impact in-person learning may have on COVID-19 activity in our community prior to bringing in additional groups of students.  

As we begin the return to in-person learning, CHA will continue to offer a full remote option for students through REACH. Families may experience a change in assigned homeroom/classroom teacher(s) as teacher(s) transition to in-person instruction. 

Thank you again for your grace, patience, and kindness as we adjust our education system to support student learning during this worldwide pandemic. As we get closer to actual return dates for students, we will communicate further details. 

REACH Updates – these are discussed in the CHA Parents / Teams Tips channel and posted to the CHA Website / Tech Tips page.  

  • Tip #1 - My child missed class; how do I download the class recording from the Chat? For specialist classes, go to the Calendar appointment for the class you missed, e.g. Spanish, click on the Chat tab at the top of the page and you will see the videos that have been recorded for that class. Click on the download option to download the video. Please wait for the file to download completely before you try playing it. Parents report that the player opens will the file is still downloading; attempting to play it before the download is completed will generate error messages. Grade-level teachers are being upgraded from an A1 license to an A3 license so that their lessons will automatically save to Stream. We will have updated directions when this change takes place.
  • Tip #2 – Accessing Clever. We were hoping to use Clever as a tab in Teams, to make life easier for students. However, it seems that Clever and Teams don’t always get along, especially when the students are using the new Ed Learning Site. I have recommended that teachers remove the Clever tab from Teams, and ask students to use a browser (preferably Chrome or the new Edge, not the old one) to access Clever. Please would you help your student bookmark the Computer Lab Website which has a link to Clever or the unique CHA Clever site, or our unique CHA Clever site itself  
  • Tip #3 – How to Access Starfall, Tumble Books, Tumble Math, ABCYa!, Britannica School.
  • Tip #4 – Parent/Guardian Assignment Emails. Beginning on Sunday, Teams will start sending you an email that will show you which assignments your student has turned in the week prior, and which assignments are due the following week. As with everything REACH related, this is new for us, so bear with us while we iron out any kinks. If you do not receive an email, email [email protected]. If you have questions about a particular assignment, please reach out to the teacher who created it. 

Material Pick Up – Going forward, material pick up will occur from the garage in the lower parking lot.  With the weather being what it is, we need to ensure we can keep the materials dry.  Please park, enter the garage, share your child’s name with the staff members that are assisting with pick up and they will receive any items you need to turn in and help you find your child’s materials.  You’re welcome to find your child’s materials on your own if you prefer.  We appreciate your flexibility. 

Jupiter Alerts - If you are successfully registered for Jupiter Text Alerts you will have received a text message about supply pick up this morning. If you did not receive the message, please read these instructions and review your settings to be sure you receive the alert next time! Please let email [email protected] if you have any questions. 

October Lunch Orders – The October Lunch order form is now open for students who will be attending in-person during the month of October. You will find the menu and order form here. All order forms must be submitted by 4 pm, Wednesday, September 30th. Lunches cost $4.50 which includes milk. Monthly payment will be drafted by ACH on the first of the month. You will receive an email confirming the meals you have ordered which you can print off for your records. If you have any questions about the menu, the ordering process or the billing, please email [email protected]

Parent Handbook – Rather than re-write the whole parent handbook to describe policies in place during REACH 2.0, which we sincerely hope will be temporary, we have added notes at the beginning to describe policies currently in place. You can find the handbook if you go to the Parent Portal and choose the ‘Parent Handbook’ tab from the left sidebar. 

School Photos – If you had your child’s picture taken but have not ordered the photos yet, you can view Vakker’s flyer here to find out how to do that.  If you have any questions, please email Kaylee Strachan. Thank you! 

CHA Specialists’ Newsletter – There is no newsletter this week due to the short week. 


  • Previous issues of Campus Updates can be viewed here 
  • Rock the Walk – Please refer to the Rock the Walk channel or look out for emails from the CHAPTER board for updates. 

Thank you, 

Holly Senaga, Head of School 

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