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September 11, 2020

In this update:  

  • Important Upcoming Dates 
  • Teams Updates 
  • Curriculum Night 
  • Rock the Walk 
  • School Photos 
  • Goal Setting Conferences 
  • Goal Setting Childcare 
  • Family Heat Map 
  • Specialists’ Newsletter 
  • Material Pick Up 
  • Uniform and Swap 
  • Parentwiser 
  • Reminders 

Important upcoming dates:   

  • September 14th: Parentwiser Class 
  • September 18th: Rock the Walk (replaces Walk-a-Thon) 
  • September 18th: Goal Setting Sign-Ups due at 3:30 PM
  • September 17th: Online Curriculum Night, 6 – 8 pm 
  • September 21st: Spirit Day (Pajama Day) 
  • September 21st: Goal Setting Sign-Ups Close
  • September 22nd: Spirit Day (Crazy Hair or Hat Day) 
  • September 23rd, 24th, and 25th: Goal Setting Conferences. No School, Childcare Provided 

Dear Parents,   

In the United States, Patriot Day occurs on September 11th of each year in memory of those that were killed in the 9/11 attacks in 2001. A bill to make September 11th a national day of mourning was introduced in the US House of Representatives on October 25, 2001as the first Patriot Day. The flag is flown at half-mast throughout the world and a moment of silence observed at 8:46 AM EST, the time American Flight 11, struck the North Tower of the World Trade Center. Today is a day of remembrance and a representation of how our country came together in a time of need. The Survivor Tree gives hope that even in the darkest hour we can survive and preserve. The 9/11 Memorial & Museum shares, “The beloved children’s poem, The Survivor Tree by Gaye Sanders tells the story of the lone pear tree that survived the collapse of the Twin Towers. It was discovered in the rubble by recovery workers and nursed back to health. The Survivor Tree has become a metaphor for hope and the resilience of the human spirit: 

Teams Updates – these are discussed in the CHA Parents / Teams Tips channel and posted to the CHA Website / Tech Tips page. There are four points of interest this week: 

  • Viewing Your Child’s Teams’ Schedule - Parents are not members of student’s class Teams, but there are at least three ways that you can view their calendar so that you can help them get where they need to be on time. You can see how to add their account to your iPhone, log in with their account on your Windows PC, and share their Outlook calendar to yours here

  • Downloading Teams Desktop - Students should download Teams Windows Desktop to get the best functionality. To do this, have your child log in to with their CHA credentials, and select Teams. Please choose ‘Get the Windows App’ and follow prompts to install. Students on CHA devices have sufficient permissions to do this. 

  • Turning on the New Meeting Experience – Please help your child get this done on the device they use this weekend. Once the new experience is turned on, any meetings they are in pop out in a separate window so that they can still work in Teams and Class Notebook while in meetings. It also gives them ‘Together Mode’.  To turn it on, they need to click on their icon in the top right corner, choose settings, scroll down and check the box for New Meeting Experience, then sign out and sign back in. It is important to quit Teams by right-clicking the Teams icon on the taskbar, just closing Teams will not apply the change. 

  • Meeting Recordings - As you will notice, teachers record the lessons they teach, so that students who miss the lesson can get caught up. If your child is going to be out of school for more than 21days, you will need to tell their teacher who will arrange for recordings of lessons they miss to be saved. To playback the meeting recording, participants will need to download the file from the chat window. Please wait for the file to download completely before you try playing it. Parents report that the player opens will the file is still downloading; attempting to play it before the download is completed will generate error messages. 

Curriculum Night (September 17th) – This will be an online Teams meeting with your child’s grade level teachers. You will need access to Teams to join the meeting. If you have not logged in to Teams yet, please try it now here using the email address we have on file for you. If you have issues and need help, please email [email protected] as soon as possible. The meeting will be a video conference as our Teams license does not permit dial-in by phone. Your child(ren)’s teachers will calendar the meeting and send you the link to join. We will not be able to provide technical support to parents during the event. The teachers will record the meeting and make it available at a later date for parents who are unable to attend. 

Rock the Walk - Starting Friday, September 18th, CHAPTER (CHA’s PTA) will be hosting Rock the Walk, a reimagining of our 9th annual Walk-A-Thon! Please join us in cheering for our students as they breathe fresh air, exercise, and raise funds to support educational enrichment, community building, and investments in CHA’s distance learning programs. 
Our community goal is to walk across our country, from CHA to Disney World, a total distance of 3,090 miles. We’ve done the math, and each student will need to walk 11 miles over the course of our 10-day event… just over 1 mile per day. We think our community can do it! 
Pledges, both fixed and per mile, will be accepted starting Monday, September 14th, at 7:00 am. Then… beginning Friday, September 18th at 5:00 pm, it’s time to get out and walk. Each student will have until Monday, September 28th at 7:00 am to log their miles. 
Please monitor your student’s email inbox for an invitation to register for the event. You can access their email by logging on to with their Office 365 credentials and choosing the Outlook icon. Within that email, you will find links for your student to solicit pledges and log their miles. In addition to the main event page, each student and class will have their own homepage, highlighting their accomplishments. 
In parallel with this website, CHAPTER will be hosting an internal Teams channel, where students and their families will be able to post about their accomplishments and share their experiences. Keep a watch on the Rock the Walk channel for regular updates from CHAPTER on miles walked, leaderboards, and other exciting news. 
And don’t worry, we have not forgotten about the Toe Tokens!  Each student will receive a necklace with three feet at next Friday’s supply pick up.  Previous feet from years past can be combined with your new necklace.  Proudly display your necklace during your walks and showcase them within PE class or Teams posts.  At the end of the event, you will receive an extra toe token for every $25 pledged and collected.     

School Photos - We are going to host Vakker Photos outside CHA during Goal Setting Conferences on September 24th from 8-12 and September 25th from 12:30-3:30. You can view Vakker’s flyer here to find out how to order the photos. Please sign your child(ren) up here for a time slot during these periods. Students should be in Dress Uniform for their school photos. If you have any questions, please email Kaylee Strachan. Thank you! 

Goal Setting Conferences – Your child(ren)’s teachers sent home information about signing up for Goat Setting Conferences in their newsletters yesterday. You can see all the sign-ups for conferences and childcare on our CHA Sign-Ups page. 

Goal-Setting Childcare - Virtual Goal-Setting Conferences will be held on Wednesday, September 23rd, through Friday, September 25th. There will be no school on these days, but childcare will be available on a limited basis for kindergarten-fifth grade from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Campers will be placed into self-contained groups of 15 with two staff members, and similarly to how we operated our summer camp program, camper placement in each group, or pod, will be determined by factoring in such variables as sibling relationships, grade levels, and friendship dynamics. Reservations will only be accepted for the entirety of the three-day time period, rather than on an individual daily basis, and priority will be given to families utilizing their School’s Out benefit. If you will be using your Back-Up Care Advantage or School’s Out benefit to reserve space for your child for the three days, you will submit your reservation directly through the Back-Up Care Advantage System. If you will not be using an employer-sponsored back-up care benefit, you may sign up through our Sign-Up Genius, located here. If you are an in-person kindergarten family with an annual or monthly Extended Day package, the cost of these days is covered in your Extended Day package, so you will not be charged, but you will need to sign up in advance so we can best anticipate our staffing needs. All sign-ups must be submitted by Friday, September 18th, at 3:30 PM.  

Family Heat Map - We have enrolled some new families recently (welcome!) so Mrs. Morlidge has updated our Family Heat Map. This map shows where CHA families can be found so that you can plan carpools when school is in session, coordinate school supply pick up, and arrange playdates at a distance. Full contact details are on the school website’s Student Directory. Opportunities to mingle are a bit limited at the moment, but we are planning for a time when they won’t be. You can view the map by going to the Parent Portal and clicking on the green Family Heat Map button. Please email [email protected] if you do not wish to be included in the map. 

CHA Specialists’ Newsletter – You can view this week’s newsletter here. If you have any questions about the content, please contact your child’s teacher directly. You can find all our teachers here, and you can find information about the individual programs here

Material Pick Up – Our first material pick up went well today.  As we put systems into practice for the first time, we will grow in our learning of how they work and adjust from there.  A second crate will be in place within the next two weeks alongside the crate that held new materials.  The second crate will be for materials that are being returned to be placed.  Pick up will continue to be held on Friday’s from 7:30-4:30.  If you are unable to pick up on this day, please let your child’s teacher know and we will have the materials at the front desk for you to pick up on Monday morning.  If your child determines they are missing something from their packet, please have them message their teacher for support.   

Uniform (What to Wear and When) - A parent asked for clarification, so I thought I would add the answer here. Students should wear standard dress every day except for PE days when it is PE clothes while we are in REACH. Once we are back in-person dress uniform is worn on Mondays (unless your class has PE that day), for picture days, special occasions, and field trips. Every now and then I like to throw in a special, like the Sounders day this week. If students do not have team gear, they are welcome to wear something the color of the team (so for Sounders Day that would be blue/green), or team gear for a different team they support. On September 21st and 22nd we will be having two spirit days, details to follow. 

Uniform Swap – Our marvelous volunteers (Sandy, Sandra, and Heather) are working hard to meet your used uniform needs. If you send a request before noon on Thursday, they will do their best to fulfill it ready for you to pick up with your supplies on Friday. That would also be a wonderful time to drop off anything that your child has grown out of. They are very low on clothes for the younger children, so if you have anything in size 4, 5-6, and 7-8 to donate, it will be very much appreciated. You can find the form to send requests here

Parentwiser – In partnership with Issaquah School Districts PTSA, CHA will now be able to access parenting classes through using the code: Friends of Chestnut Hill at registration.  Mark your calendar for the upcoming event on September 14, 2020.   

Talking to Kids About Race and Bias (K-5) - What and when are our kids learning about race and bias?  Not sure how to handle complicated conversations at home?  Rosetta Lee, a local educator, diversity consultant, and activist will explain what racial concepts are absorbed at what age and provide straightforward language on how to introduce hard topics like race, bias, diversity, and inclusivity.  She will teach us how to process our children’s point of view and methods to develop intentionally inclusive children.  Rosetta will close with advice on how to incorporate lessons of respect and tolerance in day-to-day activities before leaving time for Q&A.   

Talking to Kids About Race and Bias (6-12) - How much do your teens know about race and racism?  In what ways do our students experience the effects of implicit bias? Does your family want to know how to be an ally?  Join Rosetta Lee, local educator, diversity consultant, and activist, for an evening full of age-appropriate tools on how to address the complexities of race, racism, privilege, bias, and inclusivity.  Walk away with increased confidence and tools will help you handle tough topics and conversations for years to come with your teen.  Q&A to follow.  Students in grades 6-12 are encouraged to attend with supervision.   


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Thank you, 

Holly Senaga, Head of School 

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