Campus Updates

June 10, 2020

In this update:  

  • Important Upcoming Dates 
  • Student Leaders 
  • Staff Transitions 
  • Reminders 

Important upcoming dates:   

  • June 11th - Field Day Drive Through 
  • June 12th - Moving Up Ceremony 
  • June 15th - Camp Explorations Begins   
  • August 31st - Ice Cream Social 
  • September 1st - First Day of School 

Dear CHA Community,   

I’m challenged by moving forward with celebrations tomorrow without first addressing the pain our nation is in. If school were in session, we would be actively engaging in conversations with our students about the impacts of institutional racism and state of affairs in this country.  Educators must work together to combat our own biases and the existing structures that work to keep oppression and marginalization of students of color in place in schools. As America is in crisis, our staff will continue to arm ourselves with compassion, with knowledge, with research, with experiences and with hope for the future of inclusive schools. We will need to show our commitment through transparent actions and to be held accountable to our mission.   

I want each parent to know that when your child comes to CHA, they are loved. They are supported. They are encouraged to reach their highest potential and pursue their greatest dreams. We see them. We support them. We will work in partnership to ensure they feel safe and valued in our classrooms and hallways, every day that we have the privilege to serve them.   

Student Leaders – Each trimester, students who demonstrate the seven habits are selected by their classmates. They are typically recognized for a specific habit, although most exemplify more than one. This trimester’s award winners are: 

  • Kindergarten - Throughout REACH, Seliah exhibited habit number 3. She put first things first all trimester long. Seliah completed all assignments in REACH and attended all live classes. Not only did she show focus and persevere in her schoolwork, she continued to work on her personal goal of showing kindness to others. Throughout this trimester, she showed respect, kindness, and care to all her classmates. We are so proud of her! 
  • First grade - Janice, who exhibits Put First Things First and Begin with the End in Mind. 
  • Second grade - In second grade, students who have been noticed by their peers in the past and continued to exhibit great leadership qualities during REACH were nominated by their teachers. Students then voted, selecting Wyatt Walters. They said he Begins with the End in Mind by being ready for questions in math and having his work done. 
  • Third grade - Solaina was nominated by her teachers for being demonstrating leadership throughout REACH. She upheld her responsibilities by attending classes and getting her work completed on time. She was an active participant in classes and communicated respectively with teachers and peers. She was quick to help others and answer their questions. Solaina was a problem solver and showed flexibility in finding solutions. She organized a school-wide card making campaign when she saw a need that needed to be met in her community. 3rd graders then voted for Solaina Lasley to be their Student Leader of the trimester. They say she embodies Habit 3: Put First Things First and Habit 6: Synergize. 
  • Fourth grade chose two student leaders who showed incredible personal growth during the last trimester. 
  • Our first leader is Abby who has been a strong leader in the classroom all year, but during REACH, she demonstrated that she could rise to new challenges. Abby was proactive in reaching out to teachers when she needed help, put first things first by getting her work done on time, synergized with her classmates on group projects, but more than anything, she demonstrated Habit 8: Find Your Voice and Inspire Others to Find Theirs. Abby helped classmates, contributed in live classes, and produced great work academically; taken all together, these accomplishments show the great individual maturity and sense of community that are the hallmarks of Habit 8.
  • Our second leader is Zachary P. Throughout the year, he has shown a great passion for learning and a positive attitude in all of his classes. During REACH, he jumped right in and quickly learned how to use Teams, including following the guidelines for polite etiquette in chat and live classes. He reached out to teachers for clarification when needed and helpfully answered questions posted by his peers. For these reasons and more, Zachary was named Student Leader of the Trimester for demonstrating Habit 1: Be Proactive. 
  • Fifth grade - Danielle was chosen as the Student Leader in 5th grade because she thinks win-win. She is flexible and tries to compromise with classmates to make sure her group members are happy. She is kind and inclusive, and she strives to be friends with everyone.   

Staffing Announcements - While it’s difficult to see people moving on who have contributed to our educational experiences during our time at school, it is a part of life that occurs wherever you may be.  We’re excited to support the following faculty who are exploring future opportunities elsewhere.  We will miss them dearly.   

  • Christina Chow, First Grade Teacher will be moving to Lake Washington SD. 
  • Leah Morman, Second Grade Teacher will be moving to Texas. 
  • Maddie Jones, Fourth Grade Teacher will be moving to Vancouver, WA. 
  • Stacy Cooke, Fourth Grade Teacher will be moving to the French Immersion School. 
  • Joe Kustok, Maintenance and Bus Driver will be retiring. 

As we say good-bye to some, we say hello to others.  Please join me in welcoming the following faculty to our CHA family:   

  • Lindsey Roseland, Kindergarten Teacher 
  • Veronica Luckey, 1st Grade Teacher 
  • Spenser Moore, 2nd Grade Mathematics Teacher 
  • Ali Welge, 3rd Grade Teacher 
  • Debbie Fox, 4th Grade LA Teacher 
  • Aarthi Balachandran, 4th Grade Mathematics Teacher 
  • Charis Whalen, Librarian  
  • Marsha Setting, Director of Student Services – SPARC Coordinator 

Grade Level Teams for the 20-21 School Year: 

  • Kindergarten: Kristina Bernal, Sam Palladino, Chelsea Roberts, Lindsey Roseland 
  • First Grade: Danielle Carver, Carmela Saccardo, Veronica Luckey, TBD  
  • Second Grade: Lisa Duffina, Jeryl Kolb, Spenser Moore 
  • Third Grade: Jeena Shamsen, Natasha Warenkiewicz, Jodie Newell, Ali Welge 
  • Fourth Grade: Jessica Springer, Debbie Fox, Aarthi Balachandran 
  • Fifth Grade: Christi Taylor, Hazel DeWitt 
  • Specialists: Phoebe Choi – Art, Bob Rees – Music, Jack Sturgess – PE, Vanessa Suarez – Spanish, Ilene Gorski – Computer Science, Charis Whalen – Library, Suzanne Corner – Academic Specialist  


  • Summer Math and Reading – This year’s Summer Reading and Math program has been published. You will find all the information you need here.  
  • Report Cards – Report cards will be sent home to parents in good financial standing on the afternoon of Friday, June 12th via Jupiter. Please make sure that these email addresses [email protected] and [email protected] are in your mail contacts so that you receive the email. 
  • REACH (Remote E-learning At Chestnut Hill) Survey – Your opinions are always important to us as we strive to improve the service we offer our families. Please complete the survey anonymously here. The survey will be open until June 19th. 
  • Summer Camp– Registration for summer camp is open now, and our summer camp program will begin on June 15th.  The Back-Up Care Advantage System is now accepting reservations. You can find all the information you need here. We are asking all families to complete all necessary paperwork PRIOR to drop-off. Processing paperwork at the front desk will not be an option because only campers will be entering the building. 
  • Summer Tutoring – You can see who is available and when here. Please contact the teacher directly to sign up.  
  • Moving Up Ceremony –Mr. Rees will be hosting the Moving Up ceremony as a Teams Live Event on Friday, June 12th @ 9:30 am. The link was in the email version of Campus Updates.
  • Field Day Drive Through - Thursday, June 11th. There will be a designated route for cars to follow - please enter the driveway closest to the front office and drive down and around. Please always stay in your car and wear a mask.  Each grade level has been designated a time slot which are as follows 9-10: Kindergarten, 10-11: First Grade, 11-12: Second Grade, 12-1: Third Grade, 1-2: Fourth Grade, 2-3: Fifth Grade.  The school will not be open so please have your child use the restroom prior to joining the parade.  Questions? Contact Coach Sturgess
  • School Technology Returns – Please bring any school technology (laptops, surfaces, adapters etc.) that you have been using at home to the Field Day Drive Through.  
  • TADS Registration – Families complete their ‘paperwork’ before July 1st To submit your registration paperwork, please go to Questions? Contact Kaylee Strachan
  • Teams User Guide – You can view the parents’ version here. All students will have their own accounts next year. 

It is an honor to serve as your Head of School.  I wish you well throughout the summer and look forward to welcoming you back in the fall.  

Holly Senaga, Head of School 

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