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December 19, 2019

In This Update:

  • Important Upcoming Dates
  • Festival of Peace and Light
  • Oodles of Noodles
  • Last call to avoid the ski bus fee
  • CHAPTER Auction Update
  • Specialists’ Newsletter
  • Weekly Snack List
  • Reminders  

Important upcoming dates:   

  • Festival of Peace and Light – December 20th, 10:00-11:00 am
  • January Lunch Orders Due – Friday, December 27th, 4:00 pm
  • Winter Intersession (school closed, childcare provided) - December 23rd, 26th – 31st, Jan 2nd– 3rd.
  • Auction Early Bird Registration Competition Ends December 31st
  • Winter Break (school closed, no childcare) – December 24th, 25th, and January 1st
  • Classroom Spelling Bees - January 13th-17th.
  • Auction Homeroom Competition Ends January 31st

Dear CHA Community,  

It is difficult to capture the multitude of emotions a faculty member will express when being handed a red envelope, not knowing what it holds within.  Upon opening, they find a lovely message and see hundreds of parent names.  All contributors to a one of a kind gift most likely not experienced anywhere else.  It can be overwhelming to see so many names not having realized the impact you’ve had on so many families.  The shock of generosity at the amount displayed is met with surprise, disbelieve, squeals, tears and a lot of, “What is this? No, really!  This is crazy.”  Today, our two parent volunteers, Adelaide Wu and Victoria Hunter who organized the gift were able to witness a few CHA staff members receive their gifts causing them to well up with tears at their response.  We greatly appreciate both Adelaide and Victor’s time and organization.  The personalized ornaments will fondly remind us of our time together.  It is these moments that allow us to see how the impact words and actions have on others.  On behalf of the CHA faculty and staff, we appreciate your kindness, generosity and are grateful for the opportunity to partner with this extraordinary parent community.  “The deepest craving of human nature is the need to be appreciated.” – William James. Thank you also to the parents who brought in food and artifacts for the multicultural fair; it has been fascinating to get a glimpse into the culture of some of the many countries that are represented in our community!

Festival of Peace and Light - Tomorrow, Mr. Rees, teachers, and students look forward to performing for you at the Festival of Peace and Light. The busses will be leaving school at 9:00 sharp, and there will be no transportation back to CHA, which will be closed. Doors open to parents at 9:45. Timing and location can be found here. Please remember that all students are required to be in Dress Uniform for the performance. Dress Uniform comprises a white polo or peter pan collar shirt, a green cardigan, sweater vest or sweater, khaki shorts or pants for boys, black watch jumper, skirt or skort for girls, white/navy/forest green socks or tights for girls, brown/black socks for boys, black, brown or navy shoes. Please, no sneakers.   

Oodles of Noodles - Santa Joe dropped off nearly 500 Cup Noodles for the Tukqila SnackPack program this morning. Thank you for supporting Samaira and the SnackPack program.

Last Call to Avoid the Ski Bus Fee! – In addition to social events, yearbooks, parenting classes, enrichment programs, professional development, summer math books, teacher appreciation… you get the idea, your membership in CHAPTER helps us to pay for the ski buses. Your $80 family membership also waives the mandatory $160 ski bus fee, so this is a great deal. The link for registration can be found at  The deadline is 4 pm tomorrow (Friday).

Specialists’ Newsletter – Each week, we compile a newsletter outlining what your students have been doing in their specialist classes. You can view this week’s Specialists’ Newsletter here and on the home page of the website. If you have any questions about the newsletter, please email Sarah Morlidge.   

Weekly Snack List - You can view the snacks Chef Jose will be offering next week here. If your child is not eating the school snack, you are welcome to send a nut-free alternative to school in their backpack.


  • CHAPTER Auction Update - The auction committee would like to send a heartfelt thank you to all who have donated and/or registered so far!  For more information about the auction or for the registration link, please go to
  • Spelling Bee - The sixth annual CHA school spelling bee is coming! The word lists for the classroom bees can be found here - along with the Rules for the Spelling Bee. 
  • Ski Season 2020 – You can view all important ski information here.  
  • January Lunch Orders – The order form for January lunches is open here. If you have any questions, please email here Chef

Wishing you a festive holiday season.
Holly Senaga, Head of School

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