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October 04, 2019

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Important upcoming dates:  

Dear CHA Community,  

I’m often asked by parents, “How can we support CHA”?  There are many ways you support on any given day.  Proactively share with the teachers a change in your child’s schedule.  Begin with the end in mind and have a plan in place to make up the work that is missed. Ensure that your child puts first things first and understands that academics take priority over extracurriculars and activities.  This is a win-win for them and for the school.  These first four habits are the private victories that we’d like students to practice so that they become life skills that are utilized in their future.  
As we enter this second month of school, and you’ve begun to meet new members in our community, I would ask you to support CHA by seeking first to understand, then to be understood.  Every child is different and has different needs. Your child is spending most of their day with many children from different preschool and school experiences as well as children from different countries, cultures, traditions, beliefs, and goals.  Whether it be academic, physical, social, or emotional, all children grow and develop at their own pace.  They are here for the learning opportunities that we provide so that they get to a point that they lead themselves.  Making the right choice and sometimes making a poor choice is all part of learning the impact they can have on others.    

Modeling what it means to synergize with our fellow community members, not just those we know and are comfortable with, but others outside our normal group is critical for children to learn how to be inclusive and empathetic.  Children imitate the words and actions of those they observe.  So, when you ask how you can support CHA, I would say, happiness is a habit.  Let’s cultivate it.  

Fall Festival Shuttle - As this event is very popular, we will be offering a shuttle service from the Eastgate Park and Ride for parents who would like to relax and enjoy a quick bus ride with Mr. Joe rather than dealing with the CHA car park. The Park and Ride can be found at 14200 SE Eastgate Way, Bellevue. The shuttle will start at 5 and run until the event ends. Mr. Joe will pick up and drop off where the red arrow indicates below.  

 Fall Festival Raffle - Enter in the Fall Festival Raffle for a chance to win VIP Underground Parking during the festival, personal chaperones for your kids, and a dinner and wine pairing in Mrs. Senaga’s office prepared by James Beard award-winning Chef Liam. Tickets will be sold at the front desk for $20 from Oct. 7th-15th, and three names will be drawn and announced via email on Oct. 16th. Winners may invite a plus one to join them for dinner. All proceeds from the raffle will go to the Tukwila SnackPack Program.  

Guest Musician Songwriters - Thanks to a CHAPTER grant, STYLE (Songwriting Through Youth Literature Education) spent an hour with every class this week to read a book and to write an original song.  The songwriters also performed a song they had written about each book.  Follow the link to see info on our special guest artists and to hear the songs they created with your kids!  
Screenagers at Eastside Prep School (EPS) - On November 19th, Eastside Prep will be hosting a screening of “Screenagers: The Next Chapter”, an award-winning film which dives deep into how technology impacts kids’ development and tackles the challenges of parenting in the digital world, where parents must compete with video games, texting addiction, and social media.  The film runs about 67 minutes and offers solutions on how we can help our kids navigate the digital world, and a panel discussion will be offered immediately following the film. Chestnut Hill Academy is one of the sponsors of the event, and as part of our sponsorship, will have access to discounted tickets.  In order to gauge interest and procure discounted tickets in advance, we ask that you sign up here to indicate if you are likely to purchase a ticket and attend the event. The sign-up genius link will close on Monday afternoon at 4 PM.  Thank you!  

The Uniform Swap - I would like to give a shout out to two lovely ladies, Sandra Moore (1st Grade) and Sandy Rossetti (3rd Grade) who have been working hard to keep the Uniform Swap running smoothly this year. The Uniform Swap was set up by parents for parents, to facilitate the reuse of uniform items that students have grown out of. The supply ebbs and flows as parents’ sort through closets and drop items off. Currently, we have an excess of sizes 7/8/10 khaki pants, so now would be a good time to pick some up if you are in need!  Parents can drop items off at any time, and they can be left at the front desk or in the Uniform Swap room on the first floor which is open all day. Please don’t feel you need to wait till the end of the school year 

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