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September 06, 2019

In This Update: 

  • Important Upcoming Dates 
  • Family Style Dining Update 
  • Solaina’s Philanthropy  
  • Class Rosters 
  • Birthday Parties 
  • Extracurricular Update 
  • Goal Setting Parent-Teacher Conferences
  • Specialists Newsletter 
  • Weekly Snack List
  • Reminders  

Important upcoming dates: 

Dear CHA Community,  

This week we observed student leaders inspiring, guiding and synergizing to become leaders of themselves and others.  None more so than our fifth graders who began with the end in mind and offered to greet new students and families in the morning while offering to escort new students to their classrooms.  Their servant leadership is appreciated and recognized by the student and parent community.  Their eagerness did not end there and carried over into the Café.  Our entire Fifth Grade and some of our Fourth Graders took on the role of Table Captain this week.  We introduced our new Family Style Dining to the student body and were successful because of their efforts.  As we’ve shifted paradigms from one program to another their feedback of the process was critical to its success.  The most impressive part of the experience, students finding and having a voice to speak confidently in offering suggestions for change.  Their ability to effectively utilize the maturity continuum of See-Do-Get and implement it so quickly lets us know that they have a greater capacity to stretch themselves and step outside of their comfort zone.    

Another leadership role that our Fourth and Fifth Graders volunteered for was the You and Me Cleaning Crew.  This role was created and pitched to me last Spring by Evan Hui and Marc Hernandez.  They felt that there was a need to have a cleaner lunch environment in between lunches and it wasn’t up to the standard of what they’d become accustomed to at CHA.  Evan and Marc met with me weekly to write the job description, set expectations and created the logo on the apron that you see them wearing below.  These two crafty gentlemen included the ME to represent their names, Marc and Evan.  This program is a huge hit with their classmates, and we’ve had more volunteers then we have a need for every day.  Maybe it’s the apron, maybe it’s the chance to care for their school environment or maybe it’s just a chance to get up and move, but whatever their intentions, their actions are making a difference.  We have reopened the lunch order form should your child be interested in signing up for lunches for the remainder of September as many have mentioned that they’d like to have lunch now that they get to serve themselves and select what goes on their meal. You can find the form here and it will be open until September 13th, 4:00 PM. 

Solaina’s Philanthropy Update – Last week I shared Solaina’s cause and how she’s asking for help in the fight against cancer.  On September 29th, she’ll participate in the Base 2 Space stair climb. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this race, she’ll climb 832 steps to get to the top of the Space Needle!  This cause is important to Solaina because both of her grandfathers had cancer and she misses them. Solaina has already put a lot of time and effort into her cause.  She asked her friends and family for donations.  She donated her birthday money from her grandma.  She found loose change around the house and you’ll see her posters with hand-drawn pictures around the school. Now, what can you do?  Synergize with Solaina in her effort to achieve her goal of raising $500.  To date, Solaina has raised $118 from donations at CHA and $400 from the website exceeding her goal of $500! Parents can still donate at or students can drop off change at the front desk into the jar she’s provided. Thank you for supporting Solaina’s fight to find a cure for cancer and supporting her efforts in leadership.   

Class Rosters – We have published the class rosters to the Parent Portal. You can view them here. If you are looking to invite students to play dates and birthday parties, you can find their contact information in the Student Directory. There is a tab on the left sidebar of the Parent Portal, and we have included a link here for your convenience.   

Birthday Parties – If you are planning a celebration, please take a minute to review the ‘Birthdays’ section of the Parent Handbook, which reads, “A student’s birthday is an exciting and wonderful time. We support the celebration of birthdays in several ways in the classroom. We ask that you do not bring food or trinkets in on the day of your child’s birthday. There are several students with specific restrictions that must be honored. In lieu of treats, parents may donate a book to the library in their student’s name. Invitations to birthday parties and get-togethers may be passed out at school only if your child’s entire classroom has been invited. Please utilize the Student Directory for addresses if you plan on inviting only a few students. If the entire class is not invited, please try to make pick-up discreet as to not hurt uninvited students’ feelings.”  

Extracurricular Update  If your child is signed up for an after-school class this fall, please remember to complete the Extracurricular Enrollment Agreement Form on our website. This form must be completed by the first day of the class they’ve registered for. We have a great selection of classes available after school for your child to participate in this fall. If you have any questions or would like assistance with navigating our extracurricular program, please email Kaylee Strachan. While some classes are full, we still have some spaces in the following classes:  

  • Mondays - Soccer (K-3), Active Minds (K-2), Intermediate Ukulele (3-5) 
  • Tuesdays - Karate (K-5), Fifth Grade Test Prep, Science Club (K-5) 
  • Wednesdays - Choir (AM 3-5), Mandarin (K-3), Lil’ Ballers (1-3), Fourth Grade Test Prep, Manners and Etiquette (1-5), Drama (K-2) 
  • Thursdays – Drama (3-5), Soccer (K-3), Ballers (4-5) 
  • Fridays – Music Production (2-5)   

Goal Setting Conference Sign-Ups - The sign-ups for parent-teacher goal-setting conferences have been posted to our Sign-Ups page here. Sign-Ups are open until 4 pm on September 18th. If you didn’t sign up for childcare yet for 25th-27th September, you will find the information below in the Reminders section.  

Specialists Newsletter – Each week our team of specialist teachers collaborate to produce a newsletter outlining what your student has been doing in their classes. They will include information about the activities and the objectives of the lesson and sometimes some photographs. You can always find the newsletter on the homepage of the school website and we will always include a link in Campus Updates. You can view this week’s newsletter here

Weekly Snack List - You can view the snacks Chef Jose will be offering next week here. If your child will not be eating the school snack, you are welcome to send a nut-free alternative to school in their backpack.  


  • September Goal Setting Conference Childcare - This sign-up site closes Tuesday, September 17th at 4:00 pm. Any sign-ups after this time will be considered late and a $50 late fee will be charged to your account. If you have any questions, please email Kaylee Strachan.  
  • Parent Handbook - Please review the Parent Handbook, sign the slip that is coming home in your child’s Friday Folder, and return it to school on Monday. 
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