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June 07, 2019

In this update: 

  • Important upcoming dates 
  • Washington State Chinese Talent Competition 
  • Math Kangaroo Winner 
  • Field Day 
  • Moving Up Ceremony 
  • Spring Food Drive 
  • Summer Math Review and Reading Requirements 
  • Summer Tutoring 
  • Registration Information 
  • Lost Items 
  • Next Week’ Snacks 
  • CHAPTER Updates   

Important upcoming dates: 

  • Leadership Day – June 11th 
  • Student Led Conferences – June 11th  
  • Field Day – June 13th  
  • Moving Up Ceremony – Friday June 14th 9:30 – 11:00  

Dear CHA Community,  

Today we honor Mrs. Taylor’s 20 years with Chestnut Hill Academy, a Bright Horizons School.  When we think of teachers, we’d like our children to have we want them to have knowledge of subject, patience, confidence, intellectual curiosity, passion and compassion.  While these qualities are expected, they’re not always found.  This is not the case with Mrs. Taylor.  Mrs. Taylor inspires students to achieve greatness.  She inspires students to believe that they can and then they do.  She creates leaders that have such a strong sense of self that they are willing to take risks and sometimes fail, but they know she’ll be by their side to help get them back on her feet when they do or by their side to celebrate their accomplishments.   

Mrs. Taylor is unique.  She loves being a learner herself and part of a school.  A few of her favorite things such as:  anything green, frogs, owls, reading, watching movies, and even grammar, yes, I said grammar, connect her with her students to build a community of mutual respect, fun and admiration.   

These characteristics transpire with her peers as well.  She is a beacon of hope.  A hope that after 20 years they’ll still come to school with a smile on their face and joy in their heart to spend the day with children like Mrs. Taylor does.  A hope that they won’t want to take a sick day or time off even though they have capped out at 200.00 hours because they want to be a part of a child’s growth and development.  A hope that they’ll have formed such strong relationships with their students that they’ll come back after high school graduation to sit on a desk and chew gum something they’re only allowed to do after graduation.  A hope that their name is spoken in homes across cities where previous students are correcting their sibling’s grammar and referencing Mrs. Taylor’s expectation of speaking properly.   

Having spent the past 13 years developing under her tutelage, I’m grateful for the time she’s taken to mentor myself and others.  Imparting wisdom is a skill when it is shared in a way that others think it was their idea.  We are thankful for the time we’ve had with Mrs. Taylor and look forward to many more years ahead.  It is an honor to celebrate you today and every day, Mrs. Taylor.  Congratulations on your 20th year at CHA!  

Specialists Newsletter - 

Washington State Chinese Talent Competition – We are delighted to share with you the news that three CHA students achieved great results at the 2019 Washington State Chinese Language and Talent Competition. Kindergartner Isabella placed 3rd in Group Chinese Language Arts and her classmate Joy  placed 1st in Group Chinese Singing and 3rd in Group Chinese Language Arts. Second grader Alyssa placed 1st in Group Poetry Recitation. Well done girls!  

Math Kangaroo Winner - CHA 4th grader Arjun was joined by Head of School, Holly Senaga, and his 4th Grade teachers, Christi Taylor and Jessica Springer, when he collected his national and state Math Kangaroo awards on Tuesday. Congratulations to Arjun and his family for this impressive achievement!   

Field Day – There are still some spots open for Parent Volunteers! All parents are invited to attend, but if you would like to assist, hop on over to our Sign-Up link here!  

Moving Up Ceremony – We are very excited for this, our final event of the year. The ceremony will take place at Bellevue College on Friday, June 14th. All students must be in Dress Uniform, including shoes. The Ceremony begins at 9:30 am. Please note that CHA will be closed after the Ceremony and there will be no Extended Day.  After your child has been signed out with their homeroom teacher, you will need to take them from Bellevue College or arrange for them to be picked up as there will be no return transportation to school. On-site parking at the Bellevue College campus is located in the main parking garage located on the corner of Kelsey Creek Road and Tyee River Road. You can see a map of the campus here. As you come out of the parking lot, head towards Kelsey Creek Road and turn right towards the Gymnasium (G on the map) which is where our ceremony will be held. There should be signs directing you. You should not have to pay for parking.  

Spring Food Drive June 3-7 - One final time this school year, the Student Lighthouse team is reaching out to ask for your support in helping local community members in need. With no free or reduced lunches at schools, Renewal Food Bank in Bellevue serves more families during the summer months than at any other time in the year. With this in mind, we are asking for donations of nonperishable food items and personal hygiene supplies during the week of June 3rd-7th. They are currently in need of baby food, boxed pasta meals, canned beans, canned fruit, canned tuna, canned vegetables, canned soup, dried pasta, Top Ramen. The Student Lighthouse team will take CHA’s donations when we volunteer at the food bank on June 10th. We will have a table set up near the lobby for your donations. Thank you so much for supporting the Student Lighthouse team’s activities all year! 

Summer Math Review and Reading Requirements – For all the Summer Math and Reading information, please visit our website here.  This year, our summer math books will be replaced with IXL Math.  IXL is a comprehensive online learning program offering unlimited math practice across thousands of skills—all of which are aligned with our math curriculum. One of the best things about IXL is that your child can access it from any device and you, and your child’s teacher, will be able to track your child’s progress.  All the relevant information for each grade level can be found on the website’s Parent Portal under, ‘Summer Reading and Math’ which you will find on the left sidebar.  

Summer Tutoring – over the summer months, some of our teachers are available for tutoring. You can see the list on the website Parent Portal here.  

Registration Information – Thank you to everyone who has already completed their TADS reenrollment registration information. If you didn’t receive the TADS email, please email [email protected] The deadline for completing registration paperwork is July 1st.  

Lost Items – As the end of the school year approaches next week, this is a great time to double check the lost and found cart in order to collect any items your child may have left behind throughout the year. A penguin wallet was found earlier this week. If this wallet belongs to your child, you will find it at the front desk.  

Next Week’s Snack Menu – You can view the snack menu for next week here.

Have a great weekend! 

Holly Senaga, Head of School

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