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May 03, 2019

Kindergarten | First Grade | Second Grade | Third Grade | Fourth Grade | Fifth Grade


This week at Art, Kindergarten students continued working on the Wild Flowers project.  

This week in Library, Kindergarten students enjoyed listening to the book “The Adventures of Beekle the Unimaginary Friend” by Dan Santat. Students enjoyed imaginingcreating, and sharing their own character with the classEach week students will visit Library twice for a 30 minute class. Check out days are as follows: Wednesday: Bernal, Thursday:  Newell, Palladino 

This week’s objectives in Kindergarten Music were rhythm patterns, body awareness, mallet technique, up/down, and steady pulse.  Students warmed up with a body percussion song called Follow Me.  They practiced mallet technique and improvisation with a song called The Ship.  Students had fun simulating a storm by crashing the cymbal and flashing the classroom lights on and off.  Finally, students played the circled game called Wishy Washy Wee. 

In P.E. this week, kindergarten worked on their gross motor skills, of hopping, jumping, and running. They did this by playing Fishes and Frogs, they had to hop across the river and get flies (bean bags) and then bring them back to their home. They also played What Time is it MR. Fox/Wolf, in this game they practiced their counting skills, as they move through the forest towards Mr. Fox/Wolf and then run away from him as he calls Lunch time. This game helps students learn how to respectively play various tag games 

This week in Spanish, Kindergarten learned about the history and the meaning of Cinco de Mayo. The students learned that Cinco de Mayo of the 5th of May is a big celebration. This celebration can sometimes have carnival games, Mexican food, dancing, and a parade. This celebration is about celebrating the day Mexico beat the French army. The odds were against the Mexican army since they had a small army and not that many weapons. The students learned all about this through the book “Marco’s Cinco de Mayo” by Lisa Bullard.    

This week in Technology, Kindergarten began an introduction to Microsoft Word. Students used the shift keys to capitalize letters, the space bar and enter keys to make spaces and new lines, and the letter keys to write words. After typing the appropriate words and letters, students stylized the letters using text effects. 

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First Grade

This week at Art, First Grade students started working on the Our Galaxy project. We first looked at pictures of Milkyway galaxy and looked and then we made splatter painting to create the galaxy painting on a black piece of paper. We also designed our own rocket ship to include in the picture. 

This week in Library, First Grade students enjoyed listening to Ba-Chan The Ninja Grandma” by Sanae IshidaStudents also wrote an animal poem in honor of National Poetry Month. Check out days are as follows: Tuesday: Chow  Wednesday: Carver Thursday:  Wilcox 

This week’s objectives in 1st Grade Music were steady pulse, AB form, mallet technique, and ostinato.  1st Graders reviewed All Around the Village and also learned a new circle game called All Around the Buttercup.  During their second class, they added mallet parts and unpitched percussion to the same song.  Finally, they experienced an ostinato by chanting the folk rhyme HiggletyPigglety Pop 

In P.E. this week, first grade worked on their gross motor skills, of hopping, jumping, and running. They did this by playing Fishes and Frogs, they had to hop across the river and get flies (bean bags) and then bring them back to their home. They also played What Time is it MR. Fox/Wolf, in this game they practiced their counting skills, as they move through the forest towards Mr. Fox/Wolf and then run away from him as he calls Lunch time. This game helps students learn how to respectively play various tag games

This week in Spanish, First Grade finished their family flowers. Each petal has a family member in Spanish and in the bottom of the petal you can find the English word. When they were done the students worked on a family crossword to reinforce the vocabulary they have learned. On the second day the students went over the history of Cinco de Mayo or the 5th of May. We reviewed the Battle of Puebla were everything started. Where the small Mexican army made of soldiers and mostly farmers, beat the French. The students also reviewed how Mexican Americans celebrate this celebration through the book “Marco’s Cinco de Mayo” by Lisa Bullard.    

This week in Technology, First Grade learned about fonts. Students learned that they can change the typeface, size, and color of the words they type by highlighting the words and choosing the correlating options in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint. They used their new knowledge to add words to last week’s animal PowerPoint presentations.

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Second Grade

This week at Art, Second Grade students continued working on the Ceramic Loom project. 

This week in Library, Second Grade students read and discussed Dalia’s Wondrous Hair by Laura Lacamara. Students participated in a pre and post group discussion and created a class story map based on the book.  Check out days are as follows: Wednesday: Duffina. Thursday: Fox,  Morman 

This week’s objectives in 2nd Grade Music were suspended pitch, AB form, tempo, and forte/piano.  2nd Graders sang a suspended pitch during two part singing on I Hear the Train A-comin’.  They learned about how bar lines break up beats forming measures.  Students learned choreography to the song Ridin’ the Rails.  And finally, they explore the chant 5 Little Monkeys adding dynamics and tempo changes.   

In P.E. this week, second grade focused on good sportsmanship during competitive games. They played Kickball working on the rules and what the rule is for various situations. They also played Capture the Fish (Capture the Flag) during this game the students further worked on their sportsmanship and how to respectfully play tag games

This week in Spanish, Second Grade finished their paper dolls. Each student dressed a boy and a girl with different clothes. They also labeled each clothing item and drew a background. Once they were done the students had to write about what the girl and boy were wearing. When they were done the students got their papers proofread and started their final draft. The students had to write a sentence for each clothing item.  

This week in Technology, Second Grade continued to learn about Pivot Animation. Students learned about editing a character. Students could add, delete, elongate, and duplicate circles and lines to create their very own characters before adding them to the animation. 

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Third Grade 

This week at Art, Third Grade students started working on the Ceramic Sea Creature Sculpture project. They used their slab building knowledge to create the base for the sculpture and the sea creature of their choice. Mrs. Choi showed them how to build a simple tropical fish. They then applied the skills that they learn to create sea creature of their choice. 

This week in Library, Third Grade students read and discussed “Cora Cooks Pancit” by Dorina Gilmore. Students enjoyed sharing about their special family recipes, and the activities that they enjoy outside of school with family. Check out days are as follows: Wednesday: Warenkiewicz, Watkins. Thursday:  Shamsen 

This week’s objectives in 3rd Grade Music were rhythm patterns, ostinato, score reading, shape and force, canon, mallet technique, and rondo.   3rd graders learned to read a duet from a score in two parts and played it on the hand drums.  They also enjoyed the game called Leprechauns, Wizards, and Giants that explored levels of body space.  3rd graders reviewed the canon Do-Re-Mi-Fa and broke it into 3 to 4 parts this time.  Finally, they played mallets on a song called I’m Hungry.  Students created a word chain out of food words to create a Rondo.  

In P.E. this week, third grade worked on playing competitive games and having good sportsmanship. They played Handball, and Kickball. During both games they worked on being able to play independently so they can be successful when playing these games at recess.

This week in Spanish, Third Grade turned in their research about their zoo animals. They also finished their hand print art pieces. The students painted their hand and turned that into their animal that they wrote about. They also added details to their art piece like an environment and what their animal eatsTheir art pieces came out really great and can been seen in the first-floor bulletin board in front of the music room.  

This week Third Grade reviewed using Pivot Animator to created videos in the style of flip books. Students practiced making cohesive animations with the software by making minor changes between frames.  

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Fourth Grade 

This week at Art, Fourth Grade students continued working on the paper mache pinata project. 

This week in Library, Fourth Grade enjoyed reading and discussing a National Geographic Kids article on amazing animalsCheck out days are as follows: Monday: Taylor Thursday:  Springer 

This week’s objectives in 4th Grade Music were Ukulele technique, and C, F, amin, and G chords.  Students reviewed the two chord songs Hush Little Baby, Eensy Weensy Spider, Hey Mr. Rabbit, and Hokey Pokey.  They also learned the G chord.  Students learned to go between the C, F, and G chords making it possible to eventually play and sing hundreds of songs! 

In P.E. this week, fourth grade finished their unit on Hockey where they worked on communication and team work while playing a game. They also played Capture the Flag where they worked on their sportsmanship and being respectful and responsible while playing a physical game.  

This week in Spanish, Fourth Grade turned in their Spanish poems. Each student had a to write a poem about themselves using the format that was given in the book. They also had to type it using Word and add four pictures that describes them. The students also added a boarder to their poem. Once they finished the students had to work on a workbook page located in their OneNote account.  

This week Fourth Grade finished their stop motion animation projects. 

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 Fifth Grade 

This week, Fifth Grade students were in Washington, D.C. 

Check out days are as follows: Tuesday: Norkus. Wednesday:  Dewitt 

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