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November 02, 2018

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In this update: 

  • Important upcoming dates
  • Family Mission Statements 
  • AM Extended Day Reminder 
  • Parent Conference Sign Ups 
  • Thanksgiving Break Childcare 
  • Specialists’ Newsletter
  • Lost and Found 
  • Weekly Snack List 
  • CHAPTER Updates   

Important upcoming dates: 

Dear CHA Community,  

The CHA Faculty has spent a tremendous amount of time working with mission statements and helping students in their classroom write a class mission statement.   Having a family mission statement creates a bond between you and your child as you support each other and help one another grow.  Your family’s sense of unity and purpose strengthens when every member knows that everyone is truly committed to each other’s success and growth.  Creating a mission statement based on Habit 2 – Begin With the End in Mind and the principles of commitment, purpose, and vision will help support ongoing questions and conversations that you’ll have as a family.  Together, you define the outcomes before you act, create a mission statement and then live by it.  When creating your family mission statement, start by figuring out what’s most important to your family by answering these seven questions: 

  1. What is the purpose of our family? 
  2. What kinds of things do we want to do? 
  3. What kind of feeling do we want to have in our home? 
  4. What kind of relationships do we want to have with one another? 
  5. What are our family’s priorities? 
  6. What are our responsibilities as family members? 
  7. How can we contribute to society as a family? 

Give every family member the opportunity to express their feelings of what they think is important to your family.  Mission statements do not have to be long or formal, they just need to represent what is important to you and your family.  The process takes time and your statement can change based on the needs of your family.  Once your mission statement is written, make sure to post it where the family can view it to remind themselves to lead with the question, “Does this meet our family mission statement”?  

AM Extended Day Reminder - Students who are on site prior to 8:25 need to be escorted and overseen by their parents until the classroom door opens.  This means students are standing or sitting quietly with their parents during this time.  Students who are on site prior to 8:25 are required to check into Extended Day.  Parents can only be responsible for their own child during this time, not other people’s children.  If a student stops to visit with a chaperoned child, please encourage them to check into Extended Day.  CHA Faculty members are supporting every floor and will escort unchaperoned students to Extended Day.  Thank you for supporting our efforts in keeping students safe.    

Vakker Photos Delay - Vakker are experiencing an especially busy fall season. Everything will be taken care of for you, but they are approximately a week behind schedule in getting your printed orders to you. Orders are in process at the lab and we’ll get them to you asap when they arrive. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding!  

New Parent Ski Orientation – All parents are invited to join Mr. Heinz and I on Wednesday, November 7th from 6:00-7:30 for an exciting evening of ski adventure prep. We’ll cover all you need to know for your child to have a successful ski season.  RSVP here!    

Conference Sign Ups - Sign-ups for November conferences are open. You can view them on our CHA Sign-Ups page where you will also find the sign-up for conference day childcare.  

Thanksgiving Break Sign Up - There will be no school the week of November 19th because of Thanksgiving. CHA will be completely closed from Wednesday - Friday, but there will be camp available on Monday, November 19th and Tuesday, November 20th. We are excited to announce the theme for Thanksgiving break camp… Myth Busters! Operational hours for camp are from 7:00am-6:00pm, with snack and activities beginning around 9:00am. Extended day packages (monthly and annual) do not include camp dates. A full day at camp (over 5 hours) will be charged to your account at the rate of $85/day. Half-days (under 5 hours) are also an option, for $45/day. If your employer has the back-up care benefit, we do accept BUCA and Microsoft SchoolsOut reservations. If you utilize either of these back-up care options, you do not need to sign-up here (only through the back-up care portal which you will receive an email confirmation for). This sign-up site closes Tuesday, November 13th at 3:30pm. Any sign-ups after this time will be considered late and a $50 late fee will be charged to your account. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email [email protected].   

Specialists’ Newsletter – our specialist teaching team is pretty special, as you can tell from their Halloween costumes! Each week we compile a Specialists’ Newsletter so that you can find out what your CHA student is getting up to in Art, Library, Music, PE, Spanish and Tech. You can view the newsletter by clicking on the link at the top of this page. If you have any questions, please email Mrs. Morlidge who supervises the specialist program. 

Lost and Found – the cart is overflowing. The items you can see here have been moved to the storage racks in the parking garage (go through the door that leads from the ground floor elevator opening to the parking garage and the racks are immediately on your left). If they are not claimed from there, the next stop will be goodwill. Please remember to put your child’s name somewhere in their clothing pieces so that if their clothing is brought to lost and found, it can be returned to your child’s locker.  

Weekly Snack List – You can view the snacks Chef Megan will be offering next week here.   


Diwali Celebration – Friday, November 9th, 1:00-3:00pm - The Indian community at CHA would like to welcome all students and parents to a celebration of DIWALI!  The community can look forward to traditional decorations and an afternoon of fun filled activities including dressing up, crafts, and authentic snacks. We look forward to seeing you there!    

5th Annual CHA Mom’s Night Out! - Saturday, November 10th, 5:00 - 8:00pm - Please join the Head of Chestnut Hill Academy, Mrs. Holly Senaga at CANVAS! Paint and Sip Studio in Kirkland. $100 per participant. Net proceeds benefit CHAPTER-PTA. Please click the link below to register. Limited space available, so sign up today!! Please note that this is an adult only event.     

CHA Dads’ Night Out! - Tuesday, November 13, 6:00 -9:30pm - CHAPTER is excited for our annual Dad’s Night Out. Join other CHA dads at K1 Speed in Redmond for an evening of indoor kart racing. $125 per participant. Net proceeds benefit CHAPTER-PTA. Registration is now available at  Space is limited, so please register early. Please note that this is an adult only event.   

Grade Level Socials – These are a great way to connect with other CHA families! If you haven’t received an Evite, please reach out to your grade level representative who you will find here.  

  • K – Sunday, November 11th, 1:30-3:30pm at the Pro Sports Club in Bellevue 
  • 1st – Sunday November 11th, 2:30-4:30pm at the Pro Sports Club in Bellevue 
  • 3rd – 5th November 16th, 7:00-10:00pm at Arena Sports in Mill Creek.  RSVP here.  

CHAPTER membership fees help pay for the ski bus, social events throughout the year, yearbooks, parenting classes, enrichment programs, summer math books, teacher appreciation, and much, much more. For those who haven’t yet joined, we would appreciate your consideration. A link for registration is available at    

Have a lovely weekend, and don’t forget to put your clocks back on Sunday! 

All the best, Holly Senaga, Head of School

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