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September 21, 2018

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In this update:

  • Important upcoming dates
  • Curriculum Night
  • School Portraits, Retakes & Sibling Photos
  • Goal Setting Childcare & Conferences
  • Green Team & Student Lighthouse
  • Middle School Presentation
  • Fall Festival Activities
  • Weekly Snack List
  • CHAPTER Updates 

Important upcoming dates:

Dear CHA Community, 

Taking a proactive approach to creating an inspiring culture within our community is a work of art.  Instead of having a reactive approach to situations that arise, we shift our paradigm to have a proactive approach.  We recognize that for faculty and students to be able to develop and apply their leadership habits at the highest levels, they need to be surrounded by a highly effective culture.  Rather than sitting back and waiting for this to happen, we take proactive steps to support student’s culture so that it is effective and sustainable over time.  While this takes time, our community has already begun to put Habit 1 into practice through a variety of Leadership events such as synergizing in the classroom, and schoolwide and family events such as Curriculum Night and our CHAPTER Walk A Thon.  Your commitment to CHA and its mission to create global leaders one child at a time is off to a great start. 

Curriculum Night – Thank you for coming to Curriculum Night. You can view the grade level presentations in the ‘downloads’ section of the relevant grade level page of the school website.

School Portraits, Retakes & Sibling Photos – Photo proofs are available online for viewing and ordering. Picture Retake Day will be Monday, September 24th.  If you want your child to have their photo taken again, please email their homeroom teacher. Parents of siblings have the option of doing sibling photos from 8:00-8:30 in the MPR, if they sign up here. You can find out everything you need to know about how to order photos on the Vakker Flyer which is available on the website Parent Portal, and hyperlinked here 

Goal Setting Childcare & Conferences – The sign up is available on our sign ups page here. This sign-up site closes Tuesday, September 25th at 11:45pm. Any sign-ups after this time will be considered late and a $50 late fee will be charged to your account. The links for you to sign up for conferences will stay open until 4:00 pm on September 25th. You will find all the grade level links on our Sign-Up page. 

Student Lighthouse (Changed from Student Council) and Green Team  - On Wednesday, September 26th, students will attend a school-wide “Going Green Together” assembly to learn about rethinking what we buy and use, reducing the amount of garbage we make, reusing everyday items, recycling materials when we are done with them, and composting food scraps and food-soiled paper.  At the end of the assembly, former Green Team and Student Lighthouse representatives will speak with their peers about what Green Team and Student Lighthouse accomplish each year, and opportunities to apply for these groups.  Applications for each group will go home in Friday Folders on Wednesday the 26th. Second through Fifth grade students are invited to apply for Green Team or Student Lighthouse.  Students can apply for both groups, but may only be selected for one. 

Establishing a Green Team is one of the first steps in maintaining our annual Green School status.  Chestnut Hill Academy is currently a Sustaining Level King County Green School, and we’re looking forward to another year of amazing environmental awareness and efforts to maintain that highest level of Green School certification! The Green Team will get hands-on training from our King County Green Schools Representative, will get registered and recognized as an official Green Team with King County, and will facilitate projects focused on recycling, composting, gardening, water conservation, and other important eco-friendly practices. 

Student Lighthouse is akin to a Student Council group, and is aligned with our Leader in Me philosophy.  Student Lighthouse supports the Leader in Me vision and priorities through the lens and voice of students, seeks student body opinions, implements plans and lead activities during the school year, such as the annual Food Drive for Renewal Food Bank, and mentors and encourages engagement from other students.  This year, in line with the recognition that all students are leaders in their own right, the Student Lighthouse group will not feature a cabinet of President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer, but rather will define roles of equal status within the group that create opportunities for all Student Lighthouse representatives to practice their leadership skills over the course of the year.  

Our Student Lighthouse Advisory Panel, made up of Mrs. Taylor and Mrs. Setting, and our Green Team Advisory Panel, made up of Mrs. Fox, Mr. Kolb, Mrs. Joost-O’Malley, Ms. Moore, Ms. Wilcox, and Mrs. Watkins, with the support of Mrs. Senaga and Mrs. Stuart-German, will be carefully reviewing applications and finalizing rosters for the 20 positions on Student Lighthouse and the 24 positions on Green Team.  With both groups, there are more students than we have positions for, and the determination process is always a difficult one.  The committee uses input from teachers, reviews attendance and punctuality, thoughtfulness of application form, observations of student in and out of the classroom, and the overall demographics of the make-up of the group (gender, grade level, previous experience with the group, etc.) in order to establish a balance.  We appreciate your support in applauding all of the students who put themselves out there this year to apply for a position.  

All students interested in becoming part of the Chestnut Hill Academy Green Team or Student Lighthouse team are required to submit an application to the front desk by Friday, October 6th, by 3:30 PM.  Applications received after this time and date will not be considered.  Representatives will be announced following the Green Team and Student Lighthouse candidate receptions on Thursday, October 11th.  

Middle School Presentation - We are looking forward to welcoming Third through Fifth grade families to the Middle School Presentation on Wednesday, October 3rd. The event will be from 6:00-8:00 pm in the Chestnut Hill Academy Gym. Dinner will be catered by Qdoba, set up in the gym and childcare is provided for CHA students where pizza, fruit and milk will be served. Please RSVP on our Sign-Up page. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email Maddie Snyder. On October 24th we will be hosting a Middle School Parent Panel. It will run from 11:00 till 1:00 and lunch will be provided. The event is open to 3rd, 4th and 5th Grade parents and RSVP is required here. 

Fall Festival Activities - We would like to get family feedback while we are planning the Fall Festival. We want to see which activities students prefer, so stop by our board on the 2nd floor gallery between September 24th - 27th to vote for your favorite Fall Festival activity. 

Weekly Snack List – You can view the snacks Chef Megan will be offering next week here. If your child will not be eating the school snack you are welcome to send a nut free alternative to school in their backpack. 

CHA’s PTA ‘CHAPTER’ Updates:

  • Walk-a-thon:
    We were excited to have fantastic participation at our first Chapter event of the year. This event has been a CHA tradition and our students were excited to be walking and racking up the laps, while raising funds for the school. It was also wonderful to see our parent community come together and interact/ share notes despite the weather. Today, you will receive a card indicating how many laps your child completed at the Walkathon. Please submit a check for your outstanding balance (flat donations and per-lap donations) in your Walkathon envelope and drop off at the front desk. Also, don’t forget to submit for corporate matching! Questions, please contact: [email protected].  
  • CHAPTER All Parent Meeting & Raffle
    It was great seeing everyone at the all Parent meeting and congratulations to our raffle winners! CHAPTER is a non-profit organization which relies on parent donations to fund the work that it does for the school community.  For those of you who couldn’t attend, CHAPTER aims to build a strong community, culture, and helps provide a well-rounded and enriching experience for our children. CHAPTER has three pillars that form its mission:
    • Enrich Education - by providing activities, materials or equipment to enrich the academic experience of the children beyond what is provided by an elite school education, and funding for special academic initiatives to emphasize and strengthen specific areas such as Science, Math etc. as a supplement to the curriculum provided by the school 
    • Promote Child Development - by providing activities and materials to promote the emotional, physical, social and cultural development of the children beyond what is provided by an elite school education 
    • Build Community - by promoting a strong culture that bonds families, faculty and staff, and by supporting the external community through volunteer activities and community outreach programs  
  • A reminder to take a few moments to become a member or renew your membership to the PTA this year! This $80 donation allows us to continue with the many initiatives that the PTA provides. JOIN ONLINE TODAY! http://cha-chapter.org  
  • Brown Bag Lunch - Food Drive Starting Monday, September 24th
    One of the first opportunities of the school year for the CHA community to reach out and impact the broader community that we live in is to provide brown bag lunches to the students at Eastside Academy. Eastside Academy was created to be a high school where struggling teens and their parents could find a fresh start towards building a hopeful future. Most of our students come to Eastside because of struggles with addiction, learning challenges, academic failure, trauma, and social and/or psychological challenges that have made a traditional school environment impossible for them to succeed in. CHA will be accepting food donations for these lunches from Monday, September 24th to Wednesday September 26th. A board will be set up in the Lobby area on Monday with donation recommendations. Our students will participate in this project by decorating the brown bags and writing encouraging notes; providing a personal touch to the lunches which will be delivered on Friday September 28th.
  • CHAPTER SURVEY:  We’re looking for the best ways to build community at CHA! What better way than to ask you? Please take a minute to click the link below for a short survey to share which kinds of social events you would be most interested in:  https://doodle.com/poll/wsuh6i562uac39ud

 Thank you,

Holly Senaga, Head of School

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