CHA's Green Team is composed of staff and students

Food Program

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At Chestnut Hill Academy, students enjoy nutritionally balanced, attractive meals prepared from scratch in our on-site commercial kitchen.  Children form healthy early eating habits through regular exposure to whole grains, a variety of protein sources, and fresh, colorful produce, seasonally rotated and sourced from local and organic suppliers whenever possible.  Additionally, our menu features a wide range of multicultural food items to represent and reflect different food cultures as an extension of the socialization and diversity awareness activities that are engaged in at school. You can order lunches for the upcoming month using the links above. Please be aware that orders need to be placed one month ahead.

As part of Chestnut Hill Academy’s commitment to The Partnership for a Healthier America, we continue to focus on nutrition by ensuring that fruits and vegetables are served with every meal, ensuring that only low-fat or non-fat milk is served to children, always providing access to water during meals and throughout the day, never serving fried foods at meals, and never serving sugar-sweetened beverages. 

Snacks are provided in the morning, afternoon, and during our Extended Day program, and parents may order lunches for their students online or pack a lunch from home.  A vegetarian option is available for every lunch, and our school follows a nut-safe policy in recognition of the prevalence of peanut and tree nut allergies. 

Following snacks and lunch service, our students are involved in composting and conservation efforts as part of our King County Green Schools Level Three certification, which involves initiating and expanding waste reduction and recycling practices, involving the whole school in environmental stewardship, and operating an environmentally responsible facility.