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Green Team

We have reached the highest level of accreditation through King County’s Green Schools program. We expanded waste reduction and recycling practices during our Level 1 year, reduced our impact on global warming through energy conservation during our Level 2 year, and added focus on water conservation during our Level 3 year.

At the Sustaining Level, our focus has been on maintaining all of those previous efforts, with an additional emphasis on engaging the entire Student Body through an informative and comprehensive Earth Week event, as well as adding pollinator features to the school garden and supporting an aeroponic garden tower in the Cafe.

Our environmentally friendly efforts and initiatives are led by our Green Team comprised of student representatives from 2nd through 5th grade. The Green Team members participate in biweekly meetings and facilitate projects focused on recycling, composting, gardening, water conservation, and other essential eco-friendly practices, to raise environmental awareness across the student body.

Every year, the Green Team organizes a week of activities to celebrate Earth Day. Typical activities include reducing our use of paper towels, faucet testing, using only reusable containers, a battery recycling drive, eating green vegetables and dressing like gardeners!


Our Green Team actions include:

• Planning environmentally-focused assemblies and workshops
• Ensuring compost caddies are in place in every classroom
• Completing spot checks of classroom recycling and composting practices
• Creating signage and posters to clarify recycling and composting expectations
• Providing support during lunch periods to help sort trash, recycling, and compost
• Conducting faucet flow testing to ensure successful aerator installation
• Planting starts and transplanting seedlings for the school garden
• Planning classroom-based and school-wide activities for Earth Day