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CHAPTER Board Meeting 7:45am – 8:45am

New Board Business

  • Auction help signup (Alissa)
    • Board member registration and sign up to volunteer
    •  Every board member should volunteer.
    • Parent reps to solicit attendance with a personal email, Susan can send out one from the 3rd. 
  • Approved Grants
    • Guest teacher Gusty Lee Boulware approved to add 3 classes for each K class to develop, recognize, and stop relational aggression. Additional $1350 separate from the Superflex 10-week course.
    • Kindness Club requested no more than $500 for custom t-shirts to wear during the school year.
    • Sam Palladino and Chelsea Roberts (K teachers) approved for a Daily 5 training course in Tacoma on June 27-28th $960
    • Fourth grade would like to make fleece blankets on Leadership Day, 2/27. The blankets will be donated to Project Linus, an organization that comforts children in difficult situations like hospital stays, foster care, and homeless shelters. First grade will also help and the two grades will share the project in the March assembly. $1160.61 was requested.
    • Kimberly Derting, author of “Cece Loves Science” series to visit 4/22 for K-2nd students. Presentation during CHA earth week focus on her STEM-themed books. $1500 (Marsha)
    • All Grants approved 
  • Board Vote needed for “Singapore Math in Depth Summit’ Grant for all CHA Math Teachers July 15-17th 2020 in Arizona.


$2,800 was allocated from the Summer Board Meeting, but the current request is $7,520. We propose the following:


  Use the $2,800 pre-approved for Singapore


  re-allocate the $2,800 from Leader in Me funding that will not be spent until July, which makes it a 2020-2021 budget item


  allocate the remaining $1,920 from the unallocated PD budget


  Singapore is a core benefit provided by CHAPTER. Headcount might go down by1 or 2 teachers. The approximate cost is $1,500 per teacher. General tab of the budget; Take funds from the Singapore funds first, and pull the rest from the general funds.

Upcoming Events & Discussions

  • Auction Updates (Alissa) - Chapter board members – please sign up
  • CPR Class (4/23) 6pm booked, sign up sent out –Sarah Provide child-care but no food.
  • Kelly Moore Parenting Class (3/24) sign up?-Monique Offer dinner and add to sign-up
  • Faculty Lunch (3/11) – Zhiyan Booking through Specialties – all setup.
  • Spring Flower Baskets (4/23) – Sandra
  • Faculty Appreciation Week (5/11-5/15) – Victoria update on possible chairs? Victoria to follow-up
  • Set a budget ~$1500 - ~$10 or $15/ head [Pogacha is a good place to order from]

Reports and Updates

  • CHA Open House (1/11) – Sandra/Katisha - Very good turnout and very rewarding as CHA students shared their experiences. Record-breaking turnout.
  • The highest number of applications with kindergarten applications over 100.
  • 4th grade parents – re-enroll and let CHA know by May 30. No wiggle room to accommodate late sign-ups. A new section might need to be created based on enrollments. Class size will stay the same (1:15) and the number of sections increasing to 4 sections per grade.
  • Spelling Bee (Taran)  Zoey and Makyla will be going to the Regionals.
  • Lunar New Year (1/31) 25 parent volunteers and kids had fun.
  • Family Math Night (1/24) – Katisha Math night was good especially the passport for parents to encourage them to play. $2600 in tacos; Parents didn’t know there is food.
  • School and Faculty Update (Holly)
    • Admissions going excellently.
    • Coronavirus is what’s top of mind. We need to ensure the community is educated and comes together. School has been balancing how to support/ request families while ensuring safety, and making tough choices following State protocol. Action: Point people to come to speak with Holly about Coronavirus and how the school is handling.
  • Treasurer’s Update / Budget Updates (Shirley/Maria) - Still on budget and well-within the forecasted amount.

Actions from the Last Meeting

  • Thinking of make up for 2020-21 CHAPTER Board, Officer positions and Auction Chair for 2021-22.
  • Auction chairs for next year – Alyssa & Lisa; good to solicit chairs for the next year, so the chairs can be ‘in training’ next year.
  • Auctions – low attendance and hard to get some parents involved in the community.
  • Communications chair or a volunteer to take pics/ videos for school/ chapter events
  • Board needs to be part of Auction help, setup, cleanup. The personal touch to parents to attend the auction. 

Next Meeting: March 10th, 7:45-8:45



March 10th