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CHAPTER Board Meeting Minutes - December 10th, 2019 7:45 am – 8:45 am

New Board Business
• Parent social for moms & dads at Lucky Strike? (Ryan/Susan) -email out to board
• Kelly Moore for possible parent class (Monique) $300 for her 2 hours talk (wellbeing and building community) CPR class next year? Consider for this year and also consider adding a CPR class.
• Auction readiness/needs/registration. (Alissa)
• Discussion of CHAPTER funding a new website for CHA (Sarah/Alissa)
• Chapter gambling license renewed by Maria good until 12/31/2020
• New 5th Grade Musical Request $299 “Press Start!” Board vote to approve. Approve
• Gretchen Wingard volunteered to be 5th Grade Homeroom Rep
• $159 mini recorder for Spelling Bee purchase approved (live stream some stages of the Spelling Bee to the classrooms of younger grades. It will also be used to video the LIM Weekly that the Student Ambassadors are currently creating).
• Chelsea Roberts Position: Kindergarten Teacher Wired for Reading and Handing writing without tears workshops $1500 approved; There is a cap for teachers on budget - $5000. We are at $3700 today.
• CHA Volunteer vests arrived and can be found in the CHAPTER closet in Jodie Newell’s old classroom. To be used next for Family Math Night volunteers.

Upcoming Events & Discussions
• Holiday Gift Cards (12/13) – Victoria/Adelaide; Deadline is Fri, 12/13 – contributions still coming in. Adelaide also got a beautiful Christmas ornament to go with the gift cards!
• CHA Open House (1/11) – Sandra/Katisha (need to talk with Holly).
• Spelling Bee, All registered (Jan/Feb) – Taran
• Family Math Night (1/24) – TBD Need a volunteer to order catering for dinner that evening; Katisha will be the volunteer for Math night.

Reports and Updates
• Faculty quarterly lunch (11/20) – Brandi
• Poinsettias for staff/school – Sandra/Ruchi
• Fall Festival Parent Dinner raffle. Again for FMN?
• School and Faculty Update (Holly)
• Treasurer’s Update / Budget Updates (Shirley/Maria); ~20-30 families not paid Chapter dues. Shirley to pull together the list of families. Jaynie to send specific emails to the families to remind folks of the ski-bus charges which get waived if Chapter dues are paid.

Actions from the Last Meeting
• In Progress – Looking into Shopify for tax receipt options; Needs to have a TaxID on the Template. Ryan to push the template into Shopify for a tax receipt. Shopify is used for 2 receipts – sales and tax receipts.
• Wired expenses came through that were not submitted through the Grant form – Holly to enforce tracking of these expenses. Print out expense forms when the credit card is checked out from the front desk.

In Attendance: Monique, Adelaide, Victoria, Sarah, Marsha, Ryan, Susan, Katisha, Shirley, Steven, Maria, Zhiyan, Anita