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CHAPTER Board Meeting Minutes Tuesday November 12th, 7:45 am

Agenda Item New Board Business 

1.  Debbie and Kristina to share slideshow regarding their PD in Costa Rica to the BoD. 

Fantastic option for 4th/ 5th graders. Need to figure out next steps. 

2.  Approved Grants:

  *   Phoebe Choi grant request to attend the Washington Art Education Association conference in Tacoma ($321.67). Description: Learning different ways to approach visual art, connect with local artists and teachers, and to keep up with new developments in the field. Looking to give students new choice-based art projects and how to make the classroom work more efficiently.

  *   Jack Sturgess grant request to attend a workshop for 101 Strategies for Strengthening Your PHYSICAL EDUCATION Program (Grades K-8). ($279).

  *   Carmela Laya grant request for Handwriting Without Tears workshop ($300)

  *   Carmela Laya grant request for Wired for Reading course ($1,200) 

3.  Parenting class. Suggestions are welcome. Online/internet safety? Table “Screenagers” pending feedback from screening at EPS? 

*   Part 1 and Part 2; maybe organize something like this at CHA for 4+5 grades in spring sometime?

*   Part 2 - Screenagers is sponsored by CHA @ EPS. Alyssa and Maria to share their experience

*   Safety video for kids is also something that is available 

1.  Continue discussion about the density of social events in the fall (Dad’s night, Mom’s night, ice cream social, grade-level events, etc.). Final decisions can be deferred until the summer meeting, but polling of opinions would be productive while it is fresh. 

*   Valuable to continue organizing social events - attendance is similar or lower than last year.

*   Best to organize socials for new grades earlier in the year and plan for older grades later in the school year 

4.  CHAPTER reconciliation of payments and memberships. Suggestions for improvement? Task a volunteer with providing a preliminary analysis of software and/or process options. Update policies for CHAPTER credit card use and Amazon purchases. 

*   Teacher purchases in Amzn pushed by Jaynie is excellent - less tedious.

*   Ryan/ Anita to help research on the ideal tool for next year

*   Reach out to the board and then to the school community on tips to use Shopify effectively 

5.  Grace Guan - parent - suggested volunteers wear T-shirts for school events. Offered to donate and is working with Holly to order. 

*   Easy identification of volunteers at Book Fair because of the vests, which was great.

*   Holly to let Grace know about getting vests instead of t-shirts 

Upcoming Events & Discussions 

1.  Auction update - Alissa. Information packets distributed week of 10/28. The new sponsor level is available with advertising in the lobby and on the school website. Competition to drive donations and RSVPs.

2.  Faculty quarterly lunch (11/20 or 11/27?) Do we still need a volunteer for this? Brandi planning for 11/20 lunch from Qdoba

3.  Poinsettias with Gift Tags (12/5 or 12/6) - Sandra, Ruchi  Poinsettias set up for 43 for staff, put in the lobby; getting a 50% discount

4.  Holiday gift cards (12/19) Victoria, Adelaide 

  *   Push up the schedule for gift cards by a week; All teachers are out by 12/16.

  *   Holly hands out the gift cards on 12/13, after 3rd graders return from Bellevue Square by 12:30 pm

Reports and Updates 

1.  Faculty Update - Holly 

  *   1 principal certification

  *   3 in teaching program

  *   Lego lab is due on 11/28 and looking to provide feedback to Lego EDU team on the curriculum

  *   Cafe done and basketball court is looking good.

  *   Holly, Derek and Sarah completed teacher observations for evaluation 

2.  Book Fair. Huge success with $16,178 raised vs. $17,023 in 2018. 

*   This year, we had a new team, new location - very successful

*   $200/ teacher to get new books

*   Adding 2 new co-chairs

*   Signs in lobby and guide/ greet towards book fair (Oliver G) was excellent 

3.  Mom’s Night at Canvas (11/8) 

  *   36 moms, $50 in the hole, Rent the whole-place, folks who attend love it

Actions from the Last Meeting 

1.  Lanyards for homeroom parents - Katisha

  *   All done except 5th grade. Katisha to reach out to 5th grade parents to secure home-room parent 

2.  Extra-curricular activities evaluation - a new topic raised

  *   Need to evaluate if the program is running well - need to assess and give feedback on the vendors

  *   Adelaide to send the info shared amongst the parents on WeChat, w/ Holly

Submitted by Anita Sundaresan, CHAPTER Secretary.