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CHAPTER Board Meeting Minutes

New Board Business  

Grade Level Socials Updates – Emails have gone out 

  • K-2nd at Pro Club (Oct 19, Oct 13, Sun) – Katisha and Sandra; $40/ kid 
  • Oct 19 – K and 1st grade social set up with overlap – 100% response rate 
  • Goody bags set up for K-1st grade [52 students incl. siblings] 
  • Pro Club recommended to have them set up on different days 
  • All the kids could be brought together for 1 activity – parachute 
  • Small bounce area, magna tiles, mini inflatable slides, pumpkin bouncy, etc for younger siblings 
  • Oct 13 - 2nd grade – 65 students; 100% response rate 
  • $2100 for 2nd grade 
  • 3rd Grade at Lucky Strike (Nov 10th, Sun) - $40/ kid 
  • Special school deal – 11:15am-1:15pm 
  • 2-hr unlimited play card 
  • $1530 for 3rd grade 
  • 4th and 5th Grade at Serial (Oct 20, Sun) – Brandi and Adelaide 
  • 26 adults, 24 kids with 3-4 siblings 
  • $40/kid is the cost 
  • Buy trophies or small gifts 
  • Take leftover food to nearby fire-station 
  • AGENDA for one of the meetings: for next year 
  • Consider pushing out to be done by 2nd week of Nov for K-3rd grade social 
  • Push out the 4th and 5th grade to later in the school year 
  • Timing: Have the grade-level socials split up by months with the older grades pushed out to later in the year 

Approved Grants: 

  • Ilene Gorski ISTE Certification (International Society for Technology in Education) 10-28 for $750 
  • Debbie Fox grant request approved to purchase a “Bellevue then and now” kit through Eastside Heritage Center to use in 2nd Grade with their TCi social studies “My Community” program. Material provides a hands-on approach for studying their community from the 1860s to the early 2000s. ($330) 
  • Science Teachers Professional Development Grant Three-dimensional teaching workshop at National Science Teaching Association 12/14/19 in Seattle. New opportunities learned to build assessments that will move students forward in their learning. (Total $1,925) Hazel Dewitt may not attend.  

Adding CHAPTER Family Fee to tuition cost instead of asking families to contribute throughout the yearLaborious work involved – keeping track of each of the names, very manual  

  • CHAPTER is a non-profit so need to be a member, not a fee 
  • Add a link to the school application and include in the materials 
  • Quick Books need to get updated with all the families 
  • AGENDA for next meeting: How to ease the member fees? Explore changing the platform from the current system – example: Wild Apricot? 
  • Amazon receipts is another challenge 
  • Separate CHAPTER credit card purchases 
  • Formalize who checks out the card and for what purpose OR provide the Amazon card to everyone on the CHAPTER board OR create a new role of CHAPTER Shopper 
  • Simplify the process and give the teachers a check or a $200 gift card; Have teachers add their Wish-list and make purchases once or twice a-month and make the note in the Comments section on who the purchaser is 
  • Maria/ Shirley to think through and suggest what might work best  

Gagan Oberoi in charge of Silent Auction Grade Level baskets is requesting “theme” ideas for each grade. Possible outreach to homeroom reps to inquire on popular requests from students.  

  • Arts supplies, Minecraft, Legos, Princess, Game basket, Harry Potter, Sports – Seahawks/ Huskies, Summer camps at specific schools, Star Wars, Frozen, Little Mermaid 
  • Homeroom reps get feedback and connect with the teachers and student bodies on grade-level baskets; maybe have teachers have a short survey in class and solicit info from kids  

Homeroom Parents Added 

  • 4th Grade: Tami Cheung and Junfen Tang 
  • Kindergarten: Divya and Stephanie  
  • 2nd Grade: Kim Taylor and Alpna Daniels  
  • Ryan/ Susan can send out the already drafted emails to the class from CHAPTER  

Upcoming Events & Discussions 

  • Book Fair (10/14-10/18) – Shirley, Lora, Masae 
  • CHA Open House (11/2) – Sandra/Adelaide [9-11am] 
  • Dad’s Night at K1 Speed (10/9) – Ryan/Paul 
  •   Mom’s Night at Canvas! (11/8) – Susan/Sandra 
  • Parenting Class (Online safety in November?) – Holly/Katisha Connecting with Bellevue PD for online class. 
  • Katisha: Create lanyards for the Homeroom parents as well – need name, grade and homeroom teacher 
  • Ryan/ Susan to create the list of parents 
  •  Brandi to send mail to solicit volunteers from 5th grade  

Reports and Updates 

  • Curriculum Night Recap (9/20) – Grade level reps 
  • CHA Fall Social at Flying Circus Recap- Brandi 
  • Walk-a-thon (9/21) Update –New Record! $67,594! Bob Rees reached out for Green Team Rep Volunteer on CHAPTER Board. Would like to improve walkathon garbage/recycle and have a contact person for other events at CHA that includes the Green Team. Volunteer? 
  • User water-bottles next year and have a Water station or keep with the teachers – have different tables for each grade; NO paper water cups 
  • Good to think GREEN and figure out how to reduce waste 
  • Not have Gatorade bottles and have paper cups for the Gatorade 
  •  Faculty Lunch (9/25) – Ruchi 
  • Brown Bag Lunches (9/25) – 90+ lunches delivered to Eastside Academy -Maria Hui  
  •  Playground finished, loose pavers on front stairs were fixed last Saturday. 
  • New water stations installed this week! 
  • Lego Furniture to be delivered on November 20th 
  •  New lunchroom furniture being delivered this Thursday.  
  • School and Faculty Update (Holly) 
  • Treasurer’s Update / Budget Updates (Maria/Shirley) 
  • Walkathon: Reminder to submit matching and remaining funds