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Teacher Wish Lists

Every year during the Book Fair, teachers have appreciated the generosity of our CHA community through books purchased from the “Teacher Wish Lists” and donated to the classrooms. This year you can directly purchase books from any Teacher’s Amazon Wish List.Please have the purchased books be sent to your default address (most likely your home). Once books arrive, write your student and teacher’s name inside the front cover of the books. (Example: To: Teacher’s Name  From: Student’s Name). Your student will then bring the book(s) to give to their homeroom teacher. 

SPARC Institute


Chelsea Roberts

SPARC (Chelsea Roberts)



Kristina Bernal

Kindergarten (Kristina Bernal)


Samantha Huss

Kindergarten (Samantha Huss)


Samantha Palladino

Kindergarten (Samantha Palladino)


Lindsey Roseland

Kindergarten (Lindsey Roseland)

1st Grade


Danielle Carver

1st Grade (Danielle Carver)


Annika Jenson

1st Grade (Annika Jenson)


Veronica Luckey

1st Grade (Veronica Luckey)


Morgan Suddendorf

1st Grade (Morgan Suddendorf)

2nd Grade


Lisa Duffina

2nd Grade (Lisa Duffina)


Jeryl Kolb

2nd Grade (Jeryl Kolb)


Brook Koski

2nd Grade (Brook Koski)


Spenser Moore

2nd Grade (Spenser Moore)

3rd Grade


Jodie Newell

3rd Grade (Jodie Newell)


Jeena Shamsen

3rd Grade (Jeena Shamsen)


Natasha Warenkiewicz

3rd Grade (Natasha Warenkiewicz)

4th Grade


Jordyn Alessi

4th Grade (Jordyn Alessi)


Aarthi Balachandran

4th Grade (Aarthi Balachandran)


Debbie Fox

4th Grade (Debbie Fox)


Ali Welge

4th Grade (Ali Welge)

5th Grade


Kayla Rafferty

5th Grade (Kayla Rafferty)


Christi Taylor

5th Grade (Christi Taylor)



Phoebe Choi

Art (Phoebe Choi)

Computer Science

Kris Reiner

Computer Science (Kris Reiner)


Charis Whalen

Library (Charis Whalen)


Bob Rees

Music (Bob Rees)


Vanessa Suarez

Spanish (Vanessa Suarez)