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Book Fair


CHAPTER, in partnership with CHA, is very excited to once again bring you the Online Scholastic Book Fair. The Fair is open from Friday October 15th to Thursday October 28th. While it will be held exclusively online, we still plan to make it a fun and joyous experience for our students.This year we have two options to help support our reading program. Please feel free to share these links with your families and friends outside of CHA in support of our school.

1)    Scholastic Online Book Fair

  • Every dollar you spend will benefit our school directly. 25% of your purchase will be credited to CHA to purchase additional books for classrooms!
  • Books must be purchased through the CHA Scholastic Store for CHA to receive credit.
  • FREE shipping on orders over $25* (books only)
  • To view this year’s featured books, check out the Scholastic Digital Flyer.

2)    Teacher’s Amazon Wish Lists

  • Every year during the Book Fair, teachers have appreciated the generosity of our CHA community through books purchased from the Teacher Amazon Wish Lists and donated to the classrooms. This year you can directly purchase books from any Teacher’s Amazon Wish List below.
  • Please have the purchased books be sent to your default address (most likely your home). Once books arrive, write your student and teacher’s name inside the front cover of the books. (Example: To: Teacher’s Name  From: Student’s Name). Your student will then bring the book(s) to give to their homeroom teacher.

Teams Book Fair Channel:

Please be sure to visit the Book Fair Channel on CHA Teams during the Book Fair week where you will find detailed information about the book fair, announcements, and the always popular “YOU’VE BEEN CAUGHT READING” prize drawings.  You’ll also be able to ask questions there. 

Special Book Fair Events: 

  • Reading Week (October 15-21) – The Librarian will host story time featuring books from the Scholastic flyer, author video preview, etc.
  • You Were Caught Reading (October 15-21) – During this week when your student is caught reading at school, their teachers will enter their name in “You Were Caught Reading” contest. The Book Fair Team will draw 5 winners every day. The winners will be announced during the pledge of allegiance the next day and on the Teams Book Fair Channel. The winners will be given a special prize that will be sent home with their Friday Folder.

*We are looking for new parent volunteers to co-chair the Book Fair next year.  If you are interested in joining the Book Fair Team, please contact