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4th Grade

Welcome to 4th Grade! On this group you will find all the information you need to stay informed this year. This includes homework posts, newsletters, weekly reviews, photos, conference sign-ups and any other information regarding field trips or special activities. We are excited to partner with you and watch the students learn and grow this year!

Teacher Office Hours:

Ms. Cooke: TBD
Mrs. Springer: Mon. 3:45 - 4:15, Wed. 8:00 - 8:30, Thurs.10:00 - 11:00
Ms. Jones: Mon. 3:45-4:15, Wed. 3:45-4:15, Thurs. 8:00-8:30

Ms. Cooke’s Class Mission Statement:
Mrs. Springer’s Class Mission Statement:
Ms. Jones’ Class Mission Statement:

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First Day Success!

Hello fourth grade families!

We had a great start tot he school year today. Everything went smoothly, including new procedures in the lunch room and rotations between the three classrooms. Today, we focused on Habit 1: Be Proactive. We encourage you to help your child find ways to be more proactive and independent at home, as we stretch them to do the same at school.