CHAPTER Board Meeting Minutes - December 10th, 2019 7:45 am – 8:45 am

New Board Business
• Parent social for moms & dads at Lucky Strike? (Ryan/Susan) -email out to board
• Kelly Moore for possible parent class (Monique) $300 for her 2 hours talk (wellbeing and building community) CPR class next year? Consider for this year and also consider adding a CPR class.
• Auction readiness/needs/registration. (Alissa)
• Discussion of CHAPTER funding a new website for CHA (Sarah/Alissa)
• Chapter gambling license renewed by Maria good until 12/31/2020

CHAPTER Board Meeting Minutes Tuesday November 12th, 7:45 am

Agenda Item New Board Business 

1.  Debbie and Kristina to share slideshow regarding their PD in Costa Rica to the BoD. 

Fantastic option for 4th/ 5th graders. Need to figure out next steps. 

2.  Approved Grants:

Welcome the 2018-2019 CHAPTER Board

Happy June 5th -

Please help me congratulate and welcome your 2018-2019 CHAPTER Board!  We look forward to serving you all next year. 


Susan Archer (2nd, 5th)


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