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Uniform Swap Request Form

The Uniform Swap is a collection of gently used CHA uniform items, created for parents by parents in an effort to reuse uniform items that are still in good condition. There is no charge for these items, but supply is limited to what has been donated and consequently varies on a weekly basis. 

There are currently almost no items available with the new logo; these should be purchased from Land's End or Dennis.  As parents donate items, we will be able to resume offering them. The good news is that the Uniform Swap also has non logo'd items like jumpers, skirts, shorts, pants and PE pants.

Our volunteers  will contact you via email to check details and coordinate pick up. You can contact them here Please add this address to your contacts to avoid the reply going to your spam.

Do I have to return items to the Uniform Swap?

Items taken from the Uniform Swap are yours to keep for as long as you need them. We ask that items being returned be gently used, stain-free, and freshly laundered. If an item is needed only for the day, please return it to the swap so we can be sure to have items available when needed. This is particularly important for hoodies, sweaters, and fleece jackets.

What should I do with donations?

Please drop off gently used (i.e. no stains, holes, rips, or tears), washed items at school. NO OLD LOGO ITEMS. These can be recycled through the King County Threadcycle Program which you can find out about here if you have items to dispose of.

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