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At CHA we believe that wearing a  uniform promotes peer acceptance and school pride, lessens the emphasis on fashion, enhances academic focus, and makes life easier for parents. Dress Uniform is required on Mondays (unless its a PE day), picture day and on most field trips. Other days, standard uniform options may be worn.

Several days each year we have “free dress” days which are announced in advance. Uniforms are also not required during intersessions or camp.


DOWNLOAD THE  Uniform Look Book

Uniform Look Book

Mabels Labels

Mabels Labels

Labels are really important if you want your child to bring home their own clothes. You can get them from Mabel’s Labels here and our PTA, CHAPTER, gets a small donation with each purchase. Just remember to choose “CHAPTER Chestnut Hill Academy (Bellevue)” for our school.


Uniform Swap Logo

Uniform Swap

This is a great, free resource for all families run by our amazing volunteers. Find out more here

Parent FAQ’s

  • Should we get dress uniforms as well as daily uniforms? You do need at least one set of dress uniform. Normally students wear dress uniform on Mondays, and for school trips, photographs, festivals etc. The other days of the week you can wear dress uniform, or you can wear the daily uniform which includes the khaki skirt/pants/shorts, the navy jumper and the blue or green shirts.
  • Could you please let us know what uniform swap is? The Uniform Swap is a room here at school where parents drop off gently used uniform that their children have grown out of. You can request items from the swap for your child, which are free of charge. Your child wears the clothes until they grow out of it, then you bring it back.  Learn more.
  • How many uniforms should I buy? Your child will need one set of dress uniform, two sets of PE uniform (students do PE twice a week and stay in their PE uniform all day), and two sets of the daily uniform. 
  • Which vendor should I use? We recommend Dennis Uniform for black watch plaid jumpers, and the green logo’d sweaters, cardigans and sweater vests as they have a higher manmade fiber content, keep their color, wear better and last longer. Dennis also have socks, tights and uniform hair accessories. For everything else we recommend Land’s End for fit and comfort. Items like khaki pants and plain navy track pants can also be found at non-uniform stores.
  • How long does uniform take to arrive? Land's End orders should arrive in 10 to 14 business days for logo'd items with standard shipping,  and 11 to 15 business days for logos + hemming with standard shipping. We strongly recommend using the sizing guidelines on this website to avoid ordering the wrong size the first time around.
  • Do students have to wear blue masks? To allow students some creative freedom of expression with their masks (in the hopes of making wearing them a more fun experience), we do not require a particular color. We think it's more important that masks are a good fit, and the best way to ensure that is to give parents freedom of choice for where they are bought. That said, masks should be school and age-appropriate and not feature graphics that are likely to cause upset or offense. No masks with an exhalation valve or gaiters, please. Masks must be washed every day, so please ensure you have an adequate supply. For obvious reasons, misplaced masks will be put in the garbage and not the Lost and Found, so please label your child's mask.

Click here to order your OPTIONAL Official CHA Sweatshirt

Please add your student’s last name to the back of the sweatshirt! This sweatshirt may be worn as part of the PE uniform, but not the standard or dress uniform.

Grey Zip Up Sweatshirt
Grey Pullover Sweatshirt
CHA Girls Uniform