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Camp Explorations Lunch Order Form


Please select the lunches you would like to order on the form below the menu. To see the ingredient list, please click here.

Lunches cost $7.50 if you place your order before the deadline above. Milk is provided free of charge. For those parents who choose not to order, and send their child to camp without a packed lunch, the price of the meal we provide for your child will be $10.

If you want to print the menu, right-click on the picture below and 'open in a new window', then print. If you have any questions about the menu, the ordering process, or the billing, please email

Camp Explorations 2024 Menu
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Faculty Only
Week One Options
Week Two Options
July 4, 2024 // Thursday - Independence Day: Camp Closed
Week Three Options
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Week Seven Options
Week Eight Options
If you are an enrolled CHA parent, select the 'No Payment Required' option below. Monthly payment will be drafted by ACH on the first of the month following.
If you are using your School's Out! benefit, you should place an order, but choose the No Payment option at checkout because your benefit includes lunch.
If you are staff/faculty or a Non CHA family, you should select 'Credit Card' to pay lunch fees.

Payment Information

Please complete captcha below to proceed to payment selection.

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<div>If you are a CHA parent, select the No Payment Required option on the order form. Charges for school lunches will be billed via ACH the following month</div>
If you are a non-CHA family please pay lunch charges with your credit card.
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