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September 24th, 2021



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  • Make-Up Work after Absence 
  • Camp on Conference Days
  • Parking Lot
  • Specialists Newsletter 
  • Snack List 
  • Upcoming Parenting Classes
  • Reminders 


  • September 24th - Virtual Walk-a-thon Kick-Off   
  • September 24th - Goal Setting Conference & Childcare Sign-Ups Close  
  • September 29th - All School Social - CANCELLED  
  • September 29th - October 1st – Virtual Goal Setting Conferences: No school, Childcare provided  
  • October 7th - Blue Thursday: Wear Seahawks attire in support of the team’s game  
  • October 13th - ParentWiser: Building Resilience and Positive Coping Skills 
  • October 15th - Fall Festival   
  • October 15th-28th - Online Book Fair 
  • October 15 - October 21 – Book Fair:  You Have Been Caught Reading Challenge 
  • October 22nd - Professional Development Day: No school, No childcare  
  • October 25th - Blue Monday: Wear Seahawks attire in support of the team’s game 
  • October 29th - Halloween Celebrations 

Dear CHA Community,  

We recognize that student achievement and success increase when parents are welcomed and respected as partners and given the support they need to contribute at home and school. Parents are vital partners in their child’s educational experience.  You influence your child’s attitude about learning, and you support learning at home.  You are the vital link between learning at school and home.  When you become involved in the life of the school, you make CHA a better place to learn, grow, and thrive for your child and others.  

You demonstrate your involvement and partnership every day.  Take last night for example.  We greatly appreciate your participation in Curriculum Night. We appreciate that those who were unable to attend or were going between grade-level presentations have reached out for the recording, which has been posted in Teams.  We appreciate your participation in our upcoming Goal Setting Conferences.   

As Educators, we promise to: 

  • Encourage and maintain regular interaction with families. 
  • Treat everyone with respect. 
  • Develop a sense of community and caring relationships in partnership with CHAPTER. 
  • Invite parent involvement in school activities. 
  • Provide a safe environment for children to grow. 
  • Actively listen. 
  • Support individual students’ growth and development.   
  • Honor every family. 
  • Celebrate every student’s genius. 

As our partners in your child’s educational journey, we ask for: 

  • Open, direct, and transparent communication. 
  • Every person to be an integral part of the planning and decision-making team. 
  • Each person to be allowed to express opinions and give suggestions. 
  • Disagreements to be approached in a manner that encourages mutual problem-solving. 
  • Focus to remain in the best interest of the student. 
  • Support and focus to be placed on a positive course of action. 
  • As you prepare for meetings, we suggest you: 
  • Come to the meetings with questions. 
  • Share information about your child’s strengths, needs, and goals. 
  • Share information with your child. 
  • Follow up. 
  • Address concerns directly with the teacher. 
  • Summarize the information, as this will be the basis for the next meeting. 
  • Express appreciation. 

PRINCIPAL OF THE DAY – This is a time-honored tradition that has been done since CHA opened 24 years ago.  It was created to raise money in support of the school and was one of the first auction items ever to be auctioned.  The tradition continues today and last year we had 3 recipients who will lead one day this year.  On Tuesday, the honorary Head of School shall be third grader, Chuling.  He takes the responsibility of leading the school very seriously and I look forward to sharing the day with him.  Chuling’s proclamation will be shared on Monday with the students.  

 Whereas on the 28th day of September 2021, a proclamation was issued by the Head of School of Chestnut Hill Academy, containing, among other things, the following: That on the 28th day of September 2021, all persons held as students within Chestnut Hill Academy shall then follow the decrees of the honorary “Head of School” for the day. The designated recipient of the valued honor of “Head of School” for the day shall be known as Chuling Li.  The Head of School for the day shall endeavor to uphold the rigorous standards of Chestnut Hill Academy, and remain true to the dreams, desires, needs, and wants of the staff, student body, and parents. Be it known that Chuling Li has declared the following events to take place:     

  • Free Dress Day   
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies For All Grades (Enjoy Life Cookies will be provided for students with food allergies)   
  • Third Grade Only - Board Game Time   

Make-Up Work after Absence (Handbook Update) - It is a student’s responsibility, with the support of the parent, to collect the missed work from their teachers upon their return. Excluding COVID-related absences, parents can also pick up daily work between 4-5 PM by contacting their child's teacher. Work will not be given prior to the absence.  It may not be feasible for a student to make up a lab or group project.  If this should occur, a student will be given the opportunity to complete an alternate assignment covering the same content or skills in its place. For every missed day of school, a student is expected to complete the make-up work within two days. If the absence is COVID-related, work can be picked upon clearance to return. 

Conference Camp Days – Next week on Wednesday, September 29-Friday, October 1, we will be hosting camp (childcare) during the Goal-Setting Conference Days. Today is the LAST day to sign your child up for those camp days. Please note that for drop-off on the conference camp days, you are still required to use the MyBrightDay app to complete your health attestation, and rather than car line, we ask that you park and walk your child to the main lobby door (upper parking lot) to complete the screening and have your child welcomed into camp. Pick-up will also occur at the main lobby doors, as there is no afternoon car line. Camp hours of operation are 8:00 to 5:00, and students may wear free dress.  

Parking Lot – When cars are parked on the shoulder below west of the parking lot and down the hill, it is important that they get tight to the curb so as not to obstruct traffic. It would also help greatly if our drivers would turn on their right-turn blinker to notify those drivers not connected to CHA. When our waiting cars extend into the normal traffic lane, even a little, the oncoming traffic often stops, either out of necessity or because the drivers are not sure whether or not the vehicles, they come across are pulled over or instead stopped and waiting for normal traffic to move again. Similarly, when cars pulled to the side move forward in the line, they often tend to move out into traffic again instead of simply continuing straight up the hill and tight to the curb. This creates an extremely dangerous situation and is the most common reason for horns being honked and brakes screeching. There have been many near accidents as a result of this scenario, accidents that would be fairly bad given the speed at which the oncoming traffic is moving. 

Thank you to all our parent volunteers this week who've supported getting parents safely in and out of the parking lot. Here are the links if you would like to volunteer in the car park in the upcoming months: 

Specialists Newsletter -  You can read this week’s Specialists Newsletter here. 

Snack List - You can view next week's snack list here.


  • Teacher’s Friday Newsletters - If you have not subscribed yet, you can see how to here in this short video clip. If you want more help using the website, you can get it here. If you have questions, please email  
  • Campus Updates - You can view previous Campus Updates here. The next Campus Updates will be sent out Friday, October 1st.
  • Parenting Class - ParentWiser is hosting Dr Laura Kastner on October 13 at 7 pm, to present Building Resilience and Positive Coping Skills. Register at or directly on Eventbrite 

Thank you,  

Holly Senaga, Head of School  


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