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Food Program

Parents can order hot lunch or send in a packed lunch if preferred. Kindergarten students eat their lunch in their classrooms. 1st through 5th Grade eat in the café. The order form for the upcoming month will be posted on this page until the form closes. If you want to see what we're having for lunch today or this month, visit our Calendar page.

CHA Chefs

At Chestnut Hill Academy, students enjoy nutritionally balanced, attractive meals prepared from scratch in our on-site commercial kitchen. Our menu features a wide range of multicultural food items to represent and reflect different food cultures as an extension of the diversity awareness activities that are engaged in at school. Your student can bring a packed lunch from home, or you can order a school lunch using the order form on this page.  

Lunches cost $7.50 if you place your order before the deadline on the order form. Milk is provided free of charge. A vegetarian option is available for every lunch, and our school follows a nut-safe policy in recognition of the prevalence of peanut and tree nut allergies.

The order form will close on the published deadline and we will not accept late orders. For those parents who choose not to order, and send their child to school without a packed lunch, the price of the meal we provide for your child will be $10.

Monthly payment will be drafted by ACH on the first of the month following for CHA families. Non CHA families attending camp and faculty can pay by credit card  Refunds will be issued if your child is sick and stays home, but not if your child decides they don’t want to eat the lunch you ordered for them.

If you have any questions about the menu, the ordering process, or billing, please email the Chef

Chefs - Liam & Mark

What is ”Eatiquette”?

Coined by James Beard, “Dean of American cookery”, Eatiquette is based on a simple concept: give children a lovely meal and create high expectations, meaning set real silverware, plates, and cups along with a refined menu and they will eat. We will strive to teach the students the basic table manners outlined in the CHA Parent Handbook, which include but are not limited to: 

  • Come to the table with clean hands, sit properly in your chair and stay there. 
  • When passing food use “please” and “thank you”, and use a soft voice in the cafeteria.
  • Choose appropriate meal topics. Do not interrupt when someone else is talking.
  • Put your napkin in your lap., and wait until everyone is served before eating.
  • Never, ever chew with your mouth open or talk with your mouth full. Do not talk with your mouth full.
  • Remember to throw away your garbage in the appropriate receptacle and to recycle whenever possible. Stay seated while eating.
Cafe Smiles