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Due to the restrictions we are currently operating under, in-person extracurriculars have been canceled, but vendors will be offering online programs instead. 

We offer a wide variety of after-school clubs and classes at Chestnut Hill Academy. They give our students an opportunity to participate in activities without having to travel to another location. Some of these classes and clubs include art, coding, karate, percussion, yoga, cooking, creative writing, Chinese, math club, chess club, and robotics.

The offerings change from year to year based on student interest and vendor availability. For each class, there is a link to the teacher’s email address and a link to their registration information. We advise that parents check the vendor’s flyer for exact dates when they sign up for a class. 

You will sign your student up for classes with the individual instructors. After you have signed your student up for an extracurricular class we need you to complete an Extracurricular Enrollment Agreement for our records. You only need to complete this form once a year.