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Due to the restrictions we are currently operating under,  we only offer extended day for those who register for the monthly or yearly extended day plans and there is no hourly drop-in option. Please refer to our COVID Protocols page for hours of operation.

Extended Day is our before and after school program which you can enroll in when you register for enrollment with TADS. Payment will be drafted via ACH. For details of costs associated with the program please click here. During AM Extended Day students have the opportunity to spend time with other students in the classrooms and outside (weather permitting). The afternoon Extended Day Program begins at 3:00 p.m. for Kindergartners and 3:30 p.m. for 1st through 5th graders. Kindergartners that are in extracurricular activities are lined up by 3:30 p.m. and taken to their activities by 3:45 p.m. Kindergarten is usually outside from 3:00 until 4:00 p.m. throughout the week.

Regular Extended Day starts at 3:30 p.m. when the rest of the school is out. Instructional Assistants working with each grade level facilitate a daily routine including a nutritional snack (an Extended Day snack is provided by our school kitchen team, or students may elect to bring and eat their own nut-free home snack), a brief recess period, and some quiet time in their designated Extended Day room to begin working on their homework.  Students are encouraged to complete as much of their homework as possible during the Extended Day designated time, and will receive support from the Instructional Assistants if needed.

Childcare -  During scheduled intersessions (Mid Winter Break, Spring Break) and parent-teacher conferences, CHA provides childcare. These daily activities center around varying themes that change each term. Our campers explore art, science, technology, music and more each day while working with teachers they know. You can see the themes of upcoming comes on the right sidebar of this page. If you would like your child to attend, you will need to register using one of the options listed below:

Childcare Daily Cost:

Full day - School’s Out


Full day - camp day


Registration - Please use Sign-Up Genius to let us know your child will be attending. You will be billed the daily rate and Extended Day fees if applicable*.

Do you want to use BUCA or School’s Out benefits? Please register directly through Back-Up Care Advantage . You will be billed through the Back-Up Care Advantage system. Please note that the School’s Out and BUCA benefits involve different rates/features. 

If you have missed the registration deadline (excluding BUCA), or have not signed up for a care session and arrive expecting care, your camper will be accepted for care (assuming there is space available) and a late fee of $50/day will be charged on intersession and conference days. Regular camp charges still apply, including Extended Day fees. 

If you need to cancel a registration, please do so at least one week prior to the date of care to avoid being charged for the full care session.

Late Pick-Up Fees - Any child still remaining at CHA when Extended Day closes will be charged $10 per minute to their account until their parents have picked them up. Please use this form to pay late pick-up fees.

Parent-Teacher Conference Childcare - If you have the monthly or annual Extended Day package, your childcare costs for conference days are covered. If your child is just dropping in for the duration of your parent conference (approximately 30 minutes per child), we will have a dedicated drop-in room and will not be charging childcare fees for students just attending while the conference is being conducted. You do not have to register for this service. Children in the building on the parent-teacher conference days must be checked into childcare and cannot be left unattended in the building.


Do I have to register through both the Sign-Up Genius and the School’s Out system if I need care during conference days? If you are a Microsoft family utilizing the School’s Out or Back-Up Care benefit, then you must register through the School’s Out or Back-Up Care system.  If you are not a Microsoft employee, you must register through the Sign-Up Genius sent out by the administrative team.

If my child is already registered for Extended Day, do I need to sign up at all for care during conference days?  Yes, even if your child is already registered for Extended Day for that month, you must complete a Sign-Up Genius or School’s Out reservation. Sign-Up Genius links will be sent out in Campus Updates.

What camp day charges are included in the monthly Extended Day charge, and which are not?  If you are paying the monthly rate for Extended Day, then care for parent-teacher conferences and goal-setting days will be included in that cost.  For any other days or weeks of camp, there will be a separate charge billed to your account.

How do I sign up for the after-school care program, and how do I make payments for it? If you want your student to be enrolled in our after-school care program (Extended Day), you should indicate this on your TADS Registration. Payment for Extended Day will be drafted automatically via ACH.