2nd Grade boys at recess in playground


Tuition and Costs for 2019-20 Academic Year

  • Application Fee - $125
  • Tuition for Kindergarten through 1st Grade - $23,816
  • Tuition for 2nd through 5th Grade - $24,565
  • Book and Material Fee (a.k.a. ‘deposit’) for Kindergarten through 3rd Grade - $800  
  • Book and Material Fee (a.k.a ‘deposit’) for 4th and 5thGrade - $950
  • Extended Day - $20 (hourly) or $300 (monthly)
  • Lunch program - $4.50 per lunch
  • PTA Membership per family - $85 Payable at https://cha-chapter.org/

Field trips for all grades are funded, but there are two optional residential trips that parents pay for. IslandWood Environmental Camp in 4th Grade costs $400. Washington DC in 5th Grade costs approximately $2,500.

For Camp and Childcare rates please consult the ‘Campus Life’ section of this website. Extracurricular fees are determined by the vendors.