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Online Payment Instructions

Bright Horizon’s Automated Recurring Payment Solution is available through the Family Information Center

The Family Information Center is a secure web destination for families to manage and view important information about your child, your center/school, and your family’s account. Register at

The Online Payment Solution, allows Primary Payers to:

  • Enroll in recurring ACH payments using a secure, paperless online web portal.
  • Easily access billing statements and view account balances at your convenience.
  • Manage your account information in one place. View center messages, manage contact information, and manage billing all in one secured system.
  • By default, the parent who paid the application fee is set up as the Primary Payer. If you cannot see the ‘My Balance’ option, it is because you are not the Primary Payer. Please email to request this change if required.

All Chestnut Hill Academy families are required to make their payment through ACH only. Parents may select recurring or non-recurring. If non-recurring is selected, the parent must push the payment through by the 1st.

Instructions to Set-up Bright Horizons Recurring Payments
  1. Log into the Family Information Center by visiting and enter your username & password.
  2. Click the Set-up Recurring Payments button in the My Balance section: *Please note if your Bright Horizons PIN (used at the check-in kiosk in the center) does not meet the minimum character requirements you will be prompted to update this information on the My Profile tab before being directed to Bright Horizons’ Online Payment System.
  3. You will be redirected to Bright Horizons’ Online Payment System site, powered by JP Morgan Chase.
  4. Select e-Check under the New Account header and click Continue.
  5. You will be brought to the Payment Information screen. Enter your Bank Routing Number, Bank Account Number, Reenter Bank Account Number (for accuracy purposes), Bank Account Type, Bank Account Category, and Nickname. All fields with an asterisk are required fields. Click Continue once complete.
  6. You will be brought to the Recurring Payment Verification screen. Review all information and locate the Enter PIN field. In this field, you will enter your Bright Horizons Check-In Kiosk PIN. This is the password or pin you use each day to check your child in and out of the center and can also be found on the My Profile tab of the Family Information Center. Letters in the PIN should be entered in CAPS as the PIN is case-sensitive. Please also review the Refund Policy and Terms & Conditions. Check the box to accept the Terms & Conditions and then click Confirm.
  7. You will be brought to the Recurring Payment Confirmation screen. We recommend saving a copy of the Reference Number or printing a copy of the page for your records. Click Exit to be redirected back to the Family Information Center. Your Recurring Payment Set-up is now complete. You will receive an email and notification via the Family Information Center when a payment is scheduled to be withdrawn from your account. Thank you! If you need help or have any questions, please contact the Family Information Center Help Desk at 1-855-239-3850 or by accessing the Help tab in the Family Information Center.

Families currently enrolled in a Bright Horizons center will be able to maintain their Family Information Center account and pay tuition through ACH, but will need to follow a few additional steps. On the home page of the Family Information Center, please click the white drop-down box that says “Switch Center”, then choose the location you would like to set up another recurring payment with.

Family Information Center Help Desk | Bright Horizons Family Solutions | (P) 855-239-3850