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Welcome New Families! On this page you will find links and information for everything you need to get acclimated to how we do things at CHA! We are excited to get to know you and your students, and are here to help however we can every step of the way. Please get in touch if you have questions. You can find our individual emails in 'Who to ask for help?' below, or you can email if you are unsure who to ask.

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New Families Updates

New Families Checklist

  • May 14th – Deadline for Early Bird Discount for summer camp registration, which can be completed here. Q’s? Monique Stuart-German.
  • May 18th – SPARC New Parent Orientation. Q’s? Marsha Setting
  • June 1st  – Deadline for completing school registration paperwork through TADS, which includes submission of an immunization record and family photo.  If any are applicable to your child, the following forms should also be submitted: Individual Health Record, Asthma Care Plan, Allergy Care Plan, Administration of Medication Authorization, and Food Preference Form.  Instructions can be found here. Q’s? Kaylee Strachan.
  • June 1st – Deadline for completing sign up for online tuition payment.  Instructions for signing up for online payment are available on the page in the Online Payment Set Up tab.  Q’s? Jaynie Woodard.
  • June 11th – New student drive-through event. 5-6pm. Q’s? Monique Stuart-German
  • June 18th – We will be sharing information with you about reading and math activities your child should complete over the summer to keep their minds engaged, including how they access Clever SSO.
  • June 21st Camp Explorations Starts – Incoming students are welcome to join as many weeks of camp as you wish. It is a great way for them to get the lay of the land, meet some of our staff, and make new friends. If you have an incoming kindergartner, we highly recommend the dedicated Kindergarten camp week running August 23rd-27th. You can find all the information you need about Camp here.
  • July 1st Access to Microsoft Teams and accounts for the new School Website, Please check that you have access to the correct grade level groups for your student and that the Student Directory entry for your child(ren) is present and correct. Q’s? Sarah Morlidge.  
  • July 16th – Recommended deadline for completing school uniform orders.  The school Look Book and uniform guidelines can be found hereQ’s? Sarah Morlidge
  • July 23rd - We will be sharing the updated carpool/find-a-friend map with you, and show you how to set up Jupiter Ed account to access our Learning Management System for attendance, grades (for 3rd-5th grade), report cards, and emergency alerts. Q’s? Sarah Morlidge.
  • August 1st – First tuition payment drafted. When you signed the CHA Enrollment Agreement, you chose to pay tuition in full or monthly. Payments received after the 1st of August will have a charge of $5 per day. Q’s? Jaynie Woodard.
  • August 13th - We will be explaining Extended Day and our Extracurricular program (Q's? Kaylee Strachan), and share instructions for subscribing to website updates (Q's? Sarah Morlidge). We will also send you the September Lunch Order Form. Q's? Chef Dori
  • August 23rd through 27th – Focused Kindergarten Camp. Q’s? Monique Stuart-German.
  • August 27th - We will share an outline schedule with you so that you know when your child will have PE (they need to be in PE clothes that day) and when they will have Library (they need to bring back checked out books on these days). We will also be sharing the updated Parent Handbook so that you can familiarize yourself with our policies and procedures, and guidelines for student lockers, navigating the car park, and how to sign up for extracurriculars.  
  • September 7th – Attend Ice Cream Social, where class rosters will be shared!
  • September 8th – First Day of School!