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Chestnut Hill Academy offers a wonderful balance of an exceptional academic environment, emphasis on the development of the whole child, and truly exceptional enrichment activities, such as field trips, service-learning programs, musical performances, and leadership opportunities.

Our emphasis is on leadership and CHA has long been a Leader in Me school. Our Student Personalized Academic Resource Coordination (SPARC) program serves CHA students who have special and gifted needs. SPARC provides an inclusive academic setting that enables these students to reach their full potential. Find out more about SPARC.

Our application deadline for the 2024-25 school year was January 12th. We are continuing to accept applications on a rolling basis, but will prioritize applications that were submitted on time. Depending on the date of your submission, your application may be processed following March 29th, the  admission decisions deadline for on-time applications. For the current 2023-24 school year we are still welcoming applications for limited availability in kindergarten and fourth grade. 

  • K - 5 private, secular, coed day school

  • Emphasis on the whole child

  • Rigorous academics

  • Enrichment opportunities

  • Leader in Me school

  • Focus on Community

“This school is fantastic. Not only are the academics top notch but they also focus on leadership skills and teach the kids to be well rounded individuals. They spend a lot of time learning about different cultures and traditions. I love that the older students practice leadership skills by helping the younger students. The school has a great math, science, engineering, language arts and social studies curriculum. All students get gym, art, Spanish, technology and music as well. The principal, Holly Senaga, is the best.”

CHA provides a unique environment where students are appropriately challenged, academically motivated, and encouraged to be global citizens and problem solvers. Through our strong partnership with families, students become part of a community of learning that promotes lifelong learning, respect for each other and the environment, and a commitment to service.

The academic program is rigorous. The exploratory and investigative nature of our curriculum provides a broad scope of academic, social, emotional, and physical challenges to enhance each student’s growth. Our students are presented with a range of experiences across the core academic spectrum, including language arts, mathematics, science, social studies/history, world languages, performing arts, visual arts, physical education, library literacy, and technology. All curricula are reviewed through an ongoing process that assures alignment with and often exceeding state and national standards.


We invite you to visit Chestnut Hill Academy to see how much our school has to offer. Whether you’re looking for a top academic program with a focus on leadership, or you want to become a musician, cultivate your artistic talent, develop your technical skills or show off your dramatic side, Chestnut Hill Academy provides a place where your child’s talents and interests can flourish.