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Spanish Resources

Welcome to Senorita Suarez’s resource page. Please check the Homework and Info section if you don't have the information you need in your planner. As this page is just for reference, you won’t get a notification when I post here. Please email me here if you have any questions. Gracias. Thank you!

Spanish Homework and Updates

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Quizlet is an online resource that allows students to practice the vocabulary we are working with in class at home. Quizlet is a free online tool and does not need an account to be used. However, if you would like to create an account for your child you may. The accounts are good for keeping track of the scores students receive when they practice. Quizlet also contains audio of each of the words. It is a great way to practice pronunciation at home. 

Spanish Classroom

Spanish Classroom

Click on the picture to visit our Spanish Classroom!