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Social and Emotional Curriculum

At CHA, children are expected to achieve specific social-emotional objectives, with the understanding that each child develops social-emotional skills at his or her own rate.  We support children in learning to regulate their own emotions and behaviors, manage their feelings, follow limits and expectations, take care of their own needs appropriately, establish and sustain positive relationships, form relationships with adults, respond to emotional cues, interact with peers, make friends, participate cooperatively and constructively in group situations, balance the needs and rights of self and others, and solve social problems. 

"One of the most profound differentiators about CHA is that as a parent, you feel that the teachers and faculty play a secondary, parental role as an advocate for your child. They take proactive and take immediate action to address bullying. From lunch time discussion groups for the girls led by the Head of School herself to "the bridge" in my daughter's 4th grade classroom which helped classmates resolve issues constructively and with great empathy development, CHA is an amazing support system for what is today a great concern for all parents."

Social and Emotional Curriculum by Grade

Tools include, but are not limited to:

  • Leader in Me / 7 Habits
  • Superflex
  • Whole Body Listening
  • How To Be a Bucket-Filler
  • Solution boards in K
  • Peers Play program in K and 1st
  • “Little deal, big deal” language
  • Growth mindset language
  • Trust Action Plans - A reflective and restorative practice used for positive guidance
  • Manners and etiquette guidelines identified in parent handbook