CHA students enjoying Popsicles at Field Day


The primary goal in PE is to expose students to a wide range of activities that foster independence, teamwork, sportsmanship, and a better understanding of what it means to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. A child who is physically active will tend to exhibit higher levels of happiness and self-confidence than individuals who are sedentary. Success in PE will be determined by a student’s attitude, effort, and self-respect, as well as his or her approach to working with classmates.

The PE curriculum includes a lot of variety, similar to the overall school day for our students at CHA. Some examples include: cooperative activities, a monthly run/jog/walk, introductions to sports, strategy-based games, and efforts to improve agility and flexibility. Such variety enables all of our students to find their niche in PE and a love of exercise. Each class enjoys one hour of PE every week, which is held either in the gym or outside on the soccer field.

When a student’s time at CHA has concluded, our objective is for them to understand that exercise can take many forms and provide a wide array of benefits.  It is our hope at CHA that each student is able to utilize the skills, attitudes, and self-awareness taught in PE  and apply them to many aspects of their lives beyond their time here.