The PE curriculum at Chestnut Hill Academy is designed to promote health and encourage lifelong physical activity. Many activities taught in PE require children to work in small groups or teams, in order to initiate creative thinking and promote problem-solving.  These opportunities are excellent for developing both leadership, cooperation, and social skills, which can be applied to all aspects of the students’ lives.

The resources at CHA are fantastic, giving students the opportunity to try a variety of different games and activities throughout the school year. Such variety enables all of our students to find their niche in PE, and begin to grow a love for exercise. Some examples include a monthly ½ mile run or jog, fundamental movement-based activities, climbing wall, and core strength, as well as more traditional sports like soccer, baseball, and basketball. Each class enjoys one hour of PE every week, taking place either in the gym or on the large field. Lessons are taught in compliance with the OSPI standards.

We are proud of the variety that we can offer at CHA, however there are some aspects of PE that will remain constant. Our respect for others, our willingness to learn, and our can-do mindset will be how we approach every PE lesson.

When a student’s time at CHA has concluded, our objective is for them to understand that exercise can take many forms and provide a wide array of benefits.  It is our hope at CHA that each student can utilize the skills, attitudes, and self-awareness taught in PE and apply them to many aspects of their lives beyond their time here.