Library Mission Statement: The mission of the Chestnut Hill Academy Library is to ensure that students and staff are effective, independent users of ideas and information for lifelong learning. The library collection supports this mission by providing access to a wide variety of materials that:

  • Support and enrich the school’s curriculum
  • Encourage critical thinking
  • Extend students’ knowledge and understanding of the world around them
  • Promote a love of reading and literature
  • Access is not restricted by age or grade
  • Material is not labeled for potential controversial content, with only a few exceptions of human anatomy books

One of my main goals for students in Library is to develop a love of reading by exposing them to age-appropriate books, both fiction and non-fiction. We share ideas about plot and characters, recommend books to one another, and browse books, magazines, and other types of text. I believe that the Library is a resource for the entire school and it is important to have the most current, Award-winning books in our collection.

While I discover that many of the students enjoy reading – especially when they’ve found that “just right” book or series they can’t put down — I also look to support teachers and their curriculum. Whether it is helping students research for a biography project, find information on rain forests, or just help them locate a book about their favorite breed of dog, I feel as a librarian I need to make sure that they have the right skills and materials to do so.

Students in Kindergarten through Fourth Grade attend Library classes for a total of one hour a week. As a group, we share stories, study authors, and discuss book care. Fifth graders attend Library a half an hour a week. All students learn about how libraries are organized and practice library skills such as alphabetizing and learning about reference materials. All students are given the opportunity to check out books once a week.