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Gifted Program - SPARC

Student Personalized Academic Resource Coordination (SPARC) was developed as a pilot program to serve students with special and gifted needs.

The Sparc Institute

Beginning in 1st grade, the institute is a standalone class that will support the unique needs of gifted students by providing interest-based learning organized by understanding key concepts, principles, and skills of subject domains, and present those in ways that cause highly capable students to wonder and grasp, and extend their reach. 

The SPARC Resources Program

The SPARC resources program helps support a broad spectrum of learners, from those who are in need of specialized support to those who would benefit from an accelerated structure. This is accomplished through the coordination and monitoring of an educational plan individualized for identified students. This program seeks to build on strengths while ensuring mastery of the grade-level curriculum and beyond, and students remain in their regular classroom setting.

SPARC Institute Logo

The SPARC Institute supports the unique needs of gifted students by providing interest-based learning opportunities and is founded on a core principle that the measure of progress, growth, and betterment lies within the competition with oneself, and not in benchmarking against others.  

"Our child has been at this school for the last 5 years and we couldn't have been happier. The school offers a good fit for what we are looking for: kind and caring teachers, differentiated academic curriculum, and all the extras (arts, library, P.E./ski program, Spanish, music, and technology). Before/after school program is the icing on the cake for working parents."