As the Art Specialist at the CHA I seek to establish an environment of open exchange and critical discussion supplemented with technical information necessary for students to clarify their ideas. As an artist, I pride myself on anticipating students’ needs and presenting myself as a resource of information from which they may benefit. The methods I employ in my own work directly inform my approach to teaching, with emphasis on investigating a particular idea, researching ways to articulate that idea as an art form, and investing in the integrity of personal content. It is my responsibility to engage my students with exercises and problem-solving strategies that reinforce the integration of a conceptual idea with its physical manifestation.

Each grade comes to the art studio one hour a week. I look at each child’s concerns, creative play and imaginative collections to make art lessons child-centered. Students learn to use tools safely and correctly as well as to explore and experiment with varied media to create imaginative projects in both two and three dimensions. Art history is introduced by way of studying artists and art movements, and specific curriculum-appropriate subjects are often used as motivation for assignments. Each year, we conclude with a school-wide art show to provide an opportunity for our students to celebrate their hard work.