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Academic Programs

"CHA is amazing. The administration is involved and collaborative. The teachers are energetic and communicative. The facility is bright and beautiful. School food is healthy and nutritious. Includes Art, music, PE, Library, Tech, Spanish. A great list of extracurriculars. The administrative staff is organized and helpful. Ski program! I love this place and so does my first grade son."

Curriculum by Subject

By specializing instruction, differentiating our approach, and offering accelerated paths, we aim to individualize the educational experience of our learners. Daily rotations for core subjects prepare students for their move to middle school, teaching skills associated with transitioning, time management, and organization.

Curriculum by Grade

From 1st Grade onwards, students are placed in leveled, ability-based groups for Mathematics and Language Arts, and from 2nd Grade, teachers specialize their instruction in Social Studies and Science as well. Teachers also practice classroom-based instructional differentiation with the support of an Instructional Assistant. Teachers modify their approach and meet individual learning styles by varying the schedule during the day with a balance between large-group, small group, and independent instruction, as well as by using appropriate tools and resources to adapt instruction for a group of diverse learners.