CHA students enjoying Popsicles at Field Day


Technology is infused throughout the curriculum at CHA. As the Technology Integration Specialist, I support the teachers in the planning and delivery of technology enriched classes.  I collaborate with homeroom teachers regularly to plan technology-enriched activities, in addition to joining teachers and students in the tech lab to deliver those lessons. Students also come to the Tech Lab for Keyboarding, Coding and IXL Math practice.  

My focus in the technology classroom is to help students navigate technology in a responsible manner. Throughout the school year I reiterate the importance of balance in emotional, mental, and physical aspects while using technology. 

Our campus is fully connected, featuring a high-speed ethernet network and broadband internet connection. We use Windows 10 laptops, computers, and surfaces throughout the campus. In addition to the Technology Lab, we have computers, projectors, document cameras, and ActivBoards or interative panels in every classroom. Our most recent additions include two CubePro Duo 3D printers which are used by grades 2-5.  

Lessons are taught in compliance with the Washington State K-12 Computer Science standards. You can enjoy a lot of the activities we use at school, as well as some other useful resources, by visiting the Computer Lab which you will find on the Campus Life section of this website.