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students stay safe in masks

Our community's physical well-being and safety come first. Some protocols will remain, others will go away, some may adjust, and new COVID-19 prevention strategies will be implemented in response to public health guidance.

COVID-19 Symptom and Exposure Flowchart

  • Contacts – Please contact our health and safety directors Josh Tate and Kaylee Strachan regarding symptoms, exposures, and any health-related questions. Please include date of symptom onset, testing dates, names of affected individuals, and any results available in your email. 

  • Informed Consent - All families are required to complete the COVID Informed Consent form. 

  • Masks - From Monday, March 14th, 2022 wearing of masks became optional. 

  • Vaccinations - Now that the vaccine is available to children 12 and under, we will follow the guidance of the Department of Health and the Bright Horizons COVID team regarding vaccinations for K-5 students. 

  • Daily cleaning - The daily cleaning of classrooms and common spaces continues. 

  • COVID cases in our community are reported in the weekly Campus Update communication.

King County  Public Health | Washington Department of Health | Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - School Settings

Health and safety protocols

These have been developed based on guidance from the CDC, state and local public authorities, and in partnership with Dr. Kristin Moffitt, a pediatric infectious disease specialist at Boston Children’s Hospital.