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On behalf of the faculty, staff, parents, and students, I am delighted to welcome you to the Chestnut Hill Academy website.

We aim to give you a glimpse into the workings of our school in these pages, and as you explore the site we hope to give you an appreciation of what makes our school unique.

Try as we might to show you how we develop global leaders, one child at a time, nothing beats seeing the school in action.

My staff and I look forward to welcoming you to our community for a tour, an Open House or a virtual visit.

We hope that you will find all the information you need herein, and if you have any questions, large or small, do not hesitate to contact me. 


Holly Senaga, Head of School

Holly Senaga, Head of School

Chestnut Hill Academy is a private, secular, coeducational day school recognized for providing an exceptional learning environment that emphasizes high academic standards, a low student-to-teacher ratio, and a strong emphasis on leadership. The school caters for approximately 375 Kindergarten through Fifth Grade students.

Our students typically matriculate to leading private secondary schools including The Bush School, Eastside Preparatory School, Eastside Catholic, Forest Ridge, Lakeside, Overlake, Seattle Academy, and University Preparatory, as well as the local public schools. 

Our progressive academic curriculum provides a wealth of learning opportunities supplemented by experiential field trips, enrichment activities, and service-learning projects to help children reach their full potential. The Academy’s curriculum develops a broad foundation of knowledge and mastery of skills so that children become competent and confident learners as well as productive, responsible, and ethical members of today’s world.

"My children have attended Chestnut Hill Academy since Kindergarten.
You will not find a more inclusive, rigorous, and character building primary education provider in the greater Seattle area.”

Some things I love about CHA

  • Dedicated, excited and professional teachers and staff
  • Everything is perfectly organized
  • Small class sizes
  • Guaranteed before and after school care
  • Great extracurriculars
  • Amazing administration
  • Beautiful facility and grounds.
  • Big beautiful library
  • Classrooms are well stocked. Interactive boards. All kids get a tablet
  • Big tech lab that each class goes to weekly
  • Healthy/tasty food
  • Ski program!
  • Focuses on the whole child, not just academics. Provides art, music, library, Spanish, PE and tech lab
  • Lots of ways for parents to be involved
  • Encourages students to respect each other and treat each other well. Provides the framework for good behavior, with tools like Leader In Me and Bucket filling, and then provides lots of positive reinforcement

Fun Facts about CHA

  • Opened by Bill Alsdurf and Susan Peterson in 1998
  • Chestnut Hill was chosen by Bill as the name because he liked the metaphor of children being nurtured and growing like trees
  • Started with only 2 mixed-age level classrooms with grades 1-4 and an Art specialist
  • Lunch was prepared in the kitchen and served family-style
  • The school was year-round with 3 three week vacations between trimesters
  • There were 5 computers, all named after flowers, and our intranet is still called The Garden, although we now have about 400 computers on it!
  • Musicals started as an intersession activity with all students who attended the intersession participating
  • In 1999, a 3rd classroom was added, along with 5th Grade, Tech and PE specialists were hired, and CHA got a school bus for field trips
  • In 1999 the school year became a traditional September – June year, and summer camp was added
  • By 2006 CHA had outgrown the original campus and the Factoria Campus was opened