Uniform Swap Starter Kits

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What is the Uniform Swap?

The Uniform Swap is a collection of gently used CHA uniform items. It was created for parents by parents in an effort to reuse uniform items that are still in good condition. The swap is staffed by parent volunteers who will let you know when you can pick your items up from school. You can contact our volunteers at [email protected]. They will contact you via Teams to check details and coordinate pick up.

What is the Uniform Swap used for?

The Uniform Swap serves many purposes, which include:

  • When a student joins CHA and needs uniform items some uniform basics can be selected from the Uniform Swap. These items can be kept and worn by the student or used for sizing and returned to the Uniform Swap.
  • When a student outgrows current uniform items and needs items in a different size
  • When a student arrives at school in an incorrect uniform. For example, if a student forgets to wear the PE uniform on PE day, they can get the correct uniform items out of the Uniform Swap to wear for the day.
  • When something happens at school that necessitates changing clothes. For example, a student falling outside in a puddle. They can get a clean and dry replacement to wear for the day.

Do I have to return items to the Uniform Swap?

Items taken from the Uniform Swap are yours to keep for as long as you need them. We ask that items being returned be gently used, stain-free, and freshly laundered. When returning items to the Uniform Swap, please keep in mind that we want all students wearing clean and stain-free clothing so that they can confidently put their best foot forward while at school.

Please keep in mind that we try to maintain a supply of items so that students who may have a need during the school day can find what they need in the Uniform Swap. To that end, if an item is needed only for the day, please return it to the swap so we can be sure to have items available when needed. This is particularly important for hoodies, sweaters, and fleece jackets.

What is a “Uniform Starter Kit”?

A Uniform Starter Kit is a set of uniform items taken from the Uniform Swap to help parents new to CHA create their own uniform supply at home. The kit serves two purposes:

  1. To provide a new family with some basic items that can be kept and worn to school.
  2. To provide a new family with items to try on for size to make ordering new items a bit easier.

What should I keep in mind regarding the “Uniform Starter Kit”?

Clothes will not necessarily be the same size as they would be when received new from Lands’ End or Dennis Uniform. Because the clothes are gently used they have been washed and dried, which means they have probably shrunk. Polos and sweater vests tend to shrink in length. PE t-shirts may have shrunk in length and width. The PE shirt we put in your kit will likely be a size above the size you have requested. When you order your PE shirts, order the size according to your child’s measurements or current size.

Our goal is to provide you with a sampling of the uniform items so that you have some basics to start the year and so that you can feel comfortable placing orders for new items. 

Returning Families -  Please drop off gently used (i.e. no stains, holes, rips, or tears), washed items at school Monday - Friday 9-4. Please use the form below to tell us your student’s information, and use the ‘Other’ text box to tell us which items you are hoping to find.

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