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Quizlet is an online resource that allows students to practice the vocabulary we are working with in class at home. Quizlet is a free online tool and does not need an account to be used. However, if you would like to create an account for your child you may. The accounts are good for keeping track of the scores students receive when they practice. Quizlet also contains audio of each of the words. It is a great way to practice pronunciation at home. 


Magic Words (Manners)

Spanish Greetings Basic

Los Colores/The Colors 

Los Meses/The Months 

Los Dias/Days of the Week


Classroom Items

Numbers 1-10


Los Animales 

First Grade: 

Magic Words (Manners)

Los Dias/Days of the Week

Los Meses/The Months 

Magic Words (Manners) 

Fruits/ Las Frutas

Veggies/Las Verduras 

Los Animales de la Granja (Farm Animals)

Basic Adjectives

The Family/La Familia

Second Grade:

Los Numeros 0-10

Fruits/ Las Frutas

 Veggies/Las Verduras 

La Comida y Las Bebidas 

La Cara

El Cuerpo/The Body 

La Ropa/ The Clothes 

Third Grade:

Los Dias/Days of the Week 

Spanish Greetings 

Bedroom/El Dormitorio

La Cocina/The Kitchen

La Casa/The House

Fourth Grade:

Para Empezar: Greetings and Basic Phrases

Para Empezar: Time and Numbers 

Para Empezar: La Sala de Clases

Chapter 1A: Verbs

Chapter 1A: Phrase 

Fifth Grade: 

Capitulo 2A: Tu Dia en la Escuela 

Subject Pronouns 

Capitulo 2B: Tu Sala de Clases

Capitulo 2B: Directions Phrases