2nd Grade students appearing in CHA Spring Musical

SPARC – Special and Gifted Program

The Student Personalized Academic Resource Coordination (SPARC) program was developed in an effort to serve students with special and gifted needs. A commitment to differentiated instruction allows us to meet students’ needs as we recognize each individual student as an independent learner.  SPARC provides an inclusive academic setting that enables students to reach their full potential.     

SPARC will support students who have completed testing through an Educational Psychologist.  Once a student with special needs has been identified and/or qualifies as highly capable, they will receive SPARC support. SPARC has three tiers:   

  • Tier 1:  Student support is met within the class. 
  • Tier 2:  Student support is met within the class and with the aid of the CHA Academic Specialist. 
  • Tier 3:  Student support is met within the class and outside programs.     

Through this program we support a broad spectrum of learners, from those who are in need of specialized support to those who would benefit from an accelerated structure. This is accomplished through the coordination and monitoring of an educational plan individualized for identified students. The SPARC program seeks to build on strengths while ensuring mastery of the grade-level curriculum and beyond.   

Marsha Setting, SPARC Coordinator, was born and raised in Southern California. She relocated to the Pacific Northwest in early 2006.  Later that year, Marsha joined our team, and since that time has served in several educational roles at Chestnut Hill Academy. With her extensive and varied background in K-5 education, Marsha brings a broad and unique perspective on elementary education. In her role as Director of Student Services, Marsha leads the SPARC program, where she is singularly focused on developing opportunities to support learners across a spectrum of academic abilities. Marsha holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology degree from California State University, a Master’s in Teaching degree, and serves as the faculty representative on the CHAPTER Board of Directors.